You will need
  • new cuff;
  • - screwdriver set.
Replacement cuff hatch in the washing machine is almost inevitable, especially if the device lifespan is more than five years. As the cuffs it is necessary to control from time to time: this will help avoid leaks and their consequences. The procedure for seal replacement is quite easy and takes less than an hour.
Before starting work you must turn off the power supply of the machine. The rubber cuff is attached to the body of the washing machine by means of a snap ring, recessed in the groove of the gasket. Remove the ring by lifting it with a flat head screwdriver and gently pulling. After the ring is removed, the cuff need to be removed from the seat, bending its outer edge inward.
To replace the rubber seals will need to remove the front wall of the housing of the washing machine. In most cases it is secured with several screws located at the bottom thereof. To gain access to the mounting location, remove the decorative plastic panel covering the stopper in the drain pump. After the screws unscrewed, the front panel should lift up and pull. To lock the doors fit the sensor wires that have to be removed. If quick disconnects on the wire there is no need to remove the lock by unscrewing the two mounting screws from the front of the machine.
Rubber collar fixed on the neck of the washing tank by a lock ring which you can remove already known method. In some models of cars attached to the cuff fitting of washing the internal cavity, which will need to detach, gently removing the rubber neck cuff with plastic fitting. When the seal is released from all clips, it can be easily removed from the neck by pulling. After removing carefully wipe the edges of the tank, removing mildew, salt deposits and remnants of detergent.
On the inner surface of the cuff has holes for water drainage. They should be placed straight down when installing a new seal. First, the cuff should be worn on the neck of the washing tank and lock it by a spring ring. If the machine provides the function of washing the cuff, you must attach the nozzle. Further place the front wall of the body with the door, pre-screwing into place the lock or connecting wires going to the sensor, the door closing. Repairs are completed by fastening the cuffs to the projecting edge of the outer wall with snap rings.