You will need
  • - new cuff
  • - screwdriver,
  • marker.
Remove the outer rim of the cuff. To do this, define the method of fixing the cuffs of your washing machine. The outer rim of the cuff can be fastened to the wall of the washing machine either by steel wire or plastic clip. The plastic clamp is tightened and fixed with special latches. The wire is tensioned with a screw, hold-down springs and hooks. If your model of machine for attaching cuffs use a plastic clip for removing the outer rim need to find a place where it is joined to the latch and gently pull it. For removing the clamp from the wire it is necessary to stretch the retention spring located on the perimeter of the feed opening. Carefully pry it with a screwdriver and gently pull. After removal of the external rim remove the cuff from the wall of the washing machine.
Remove the cuff from the tank of the washing machine. To do this, locate the special installation label on the cuff. If this tag is missing, mark the position of the cuff with a Sharpie. The inner rim tightly attaches the cuff to the washing Baku machine. Depending on the specific model, the inner rim can be either spring or steel wire. For removing the wire rim is sufficient to Unscrew the bolt, pulls the wire. Then pry the spring and pull it out. After removing the inner rim, remove the cuff.
Gently clean the edge of the pot.
Pull the cuff on the tank of the washing machine. Start from the top and pressing down, plant it in a circle on the edge of the washing tank. Carefully check the fit of the cuff.
Install the inner rim. If in your model a wire rim - just tighten the bolt. To suit spring loaded rim, it is necessary to fix it at the initial point of tension with a screwdriver. Stretch the spring and pressing it to the pot, push it inside the circle.
Install outer rim. Pull the cuff on the front wall of the washing machine and lock the outer rim.
Check the tightness of the machine. Start the machine in rinse mode and after 15 minutes drain the water. After this, inspect the cuff.