Flax seeds have a rich chemical composition. Here, for example, are polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, which is so necessary for full activity of all organs and systems of the human body. In addition, flax seeds include selenium, aluminum, potassium, chromium, copper, magnesium, boron and other macro - and micronutrients. These seeds are also rich in beta-carotene, fiber, Tocopherols, vitamin E, B and D, as well as other biologically active components.

Flax seeds help in the fight against liver diseases, thyroid and cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure (prescribed for high blood pressure, remove toxins and wastes, strengthen the immune system, etc. But before you start taking these miracle seeds should always consult with a physician and, if necessary, undergo a medical examination. The fact that this drug is driving out of the liver, gall bladder and kidney sand and stones, so it's best not to self-medicate.

Body cleansing with ground flax

To cleanse the body of toxins in several ways. Crushed into flour flax seed is recommended to mix with a small amount of honey or yogurt. Take nutritious pulp 2-3 tbsp once a day, washed down the drug with plenty of water (fluid needed to the gut has occurred the maximum swelling of flax). Swollen linseed mass passing through the gastrointestinal tract, it gently cleanses and absorbs toxins and other harmful substances.

In addition, to purify the body and other method: take 100 grams of powdered flax seeds pour 250 ml of unrefined sunflower oil, pour the mixture into a container of dark glass and put the dishes for a week in a dark place, periodically intensively shaking the contents of the container. A few days before you start taking this cleanse is recommended to drink a decoction of nettle, chamomile, St. John's wort and wormwood: this collection will enhance the cleansing effect of oil-flax mixture. Oil infusion take 1 tbsp three times a day 40 minutes before or after 2-3 hours after a meal. The treatment course lasts 10 days.

Fighting worms with ground flax seeds

To do this, take 2 tbsp powdered flax seeds, pour a liter of hot water and placed the dishes with the mixture in a water bath for 2-3 hours. Ready means you should drink per day. Cooked according to the recipe the broth is detrimental to all types of worms except ascarids. If the drug add cloves (3% by weight of flax seeds), you get an effective remedy for ascarids.