Advice 1: Can I eat raw flax seeds

Flax is a wonderful plant, the value of which is known since ancient times. Of its stem in Ancient Egypt did light and thin fabric, and the seeds are used as a rejuvenating and therapeutic means. Today, even doctors recommend eating flax seed in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, because it is a storehouse of nutrients.
Can I eat raw flax seeds
Flax seeds have unique properties due to the constituent substances. So, this product is rich in vitamins A, E, D and b vitamins, which are involved in many metabolic processes in the body. Contains flax seed and trace elements, including manganese, copper, selenium, chromium, calcium, potassium, iodine, boron, Nickel and others. And it includes fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the number of which it surpasses even the red fish.
To save all those nutrients and use them with maximum health benefits, flax seeds should be consumed. Most of the vitamins, of course, enters the body by eating raw product. Fortunately, the seeds of this plant can tolerate that. Prescribed doses 15 g daily any health problems should arise.
However, the raw product is very important to drink plenty of plain water – then it is better metabolized by the body, but to use it in this case would be easier. Of course, whole flax seeds must be thoroughly chewed.
Also useful is coarsely milled raw flax seed. As such, it also preserves all the nutrients. However, before chopping it to be a bit dry in the sun, in an open oven or just fry in a pan without oil for a few minutes. Milled seeds can be added to salads, porridge, muesli or mix with natural yoghurt and other dairy products. 1 tablespoon a day can also be put in tea or juice. In this form, flax seeds are excellent prevention of constipation and other digestive problems.
In addition, raw flax seeds can be steamed with boiling water (1 tbsp per Cup of water). Infuse this drink is enough to cool down the liquid, which will become viscous. 100 ml of this tincture should be taken 15 minutes before food for the treatment and prevention of diseases such as gastritis or gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Due to the viscous consistency of the liquid will protect the mucosa from rough food exposure.
In addition, it is useful to take the infusion and just to strengthen the immune system, coughs, and excretion of harmful compounds, because the flax seed – a natural antioxidant. It is believed that this drink even helps to fight the growth of diseased cells. Swollen seeds should be taken in the food, because it preserves most of the nutrients. In addition, they improve digestion due to the large amount of dietary fiber.
Flax seeds are very useful in atherosclerosis, diseases of the thyroid and respiratory system, disorders of the digestive tract. This is a great preventive measure for cardiovascular system and liver. This product strengthens the immune system, improves the condition of skin and hair, reduces the likelihood of blood clots and lowers blood pressure. Flax seed also helps fight food poisoning and even radiation. However, it should be discontinued in acute diseases of the esophagus and intestines, hepatitis. With care it should be consumed in holitsestity.

Advice 2 : How to drink flax seed

The seeds of flax are used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, as they contain vegetable protein, vitamin, natural fibers, trace elements and valuable fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. For the treatment and prevention of diseases they are used in the form of infusion, decoction, compresses. The pharmaceutical industry produces numerous products based on the unique seed of flax.
How to drink flax seed
You will need
  • - flax seeds;
  • - capacity;
  • thermos;
  • - boiling water;
  • - tablespoon.
Preparations based on the seeds of flax, decoctions and infusions are considered the drugs not only for treatment but also for the overall health of the body. When receiving seeds improves overall metabolism, the gastro-intestinal tract. You also cleanse the blood of excess cholesterol. In Oncology, the seeds of flax are used for the treatment and prevention of cancer. Regular drinking of a decoction or infusion of seeds reduces the probability of cancer several times.
As a laxative, ulcer, gastritis, obesity, colitis, enteritis need 2 tablespoons of seeds pour 2 cups of boiling water and insist 1-2 hours. Infusion, you can strain or not strain, and to use, together with the swollen seeds 3 times a day for half a glass on an empty stomach.
To reduce pressure, relieve swelling, reduce cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, prevention and treatment of cancer should be consumed hot concentrated infusion or decoction. To prepare, you can use a thermos or a steam bath. 4 tablespoons of seeds pour one liter of boiling water in a thermos and leave for 2 hours or place into a small container, place it in a large container and cook in a water bath for 20 minutes. Use the infusion you need for a long time, since herbal remedies have the best results only when used long.
If you want to lose weight, the seeds of flax add in the liquid jelly (4 tablespoons per gallon of jelly). This should be done as soon as the jelly is cooked. The use of this product reduces the feeling of hunger, the body is saturated with all necessary and deduced from it all unnecessary.
For the treatment of cough in children should the seeds of the flax to crush in a coffee grinder. 2 tablespoons of the resulting powder brew with boiling water, insist. Give the child two tablespoons 5-6 times a day. To improve the taste of the infusion can add lemon or honey.
Useful advice
In all cases, the infusion or decoction must be done daily. It needs to be fresh, as on the second day the infusion takes an unpleasant taste and brings less benefit.

Advice 3 : As a decoction of Flaxseed effect on the appetite

Len from ancient times used as a medicinal agent in folk medicine. From the seeds of this plant make a decoctions, jelly, oil, masks for skin and hair. Flax seeds are often found in the recipes included in complex diets. One of the most effective ways to fight against excess weight is considered a decoction of flax seed.
Flax seeds

Properties of flax seed

The majority of diets made significant restrictions in the human diet. The most common mistake of those trying to say goodbye to excess weight, is the flippant attitude to the achieved result. During the diet a person uses a certain portion of food, eliminate from the diet of many products. However, after you achieve the desired result, many immediately begin to eat the way they did before the diet. This behavior can cause many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the return of previous weight.
Please note that the use of decoction of flax seeds, you should make changes in your diet. Food should be balanced and healthy. To abuse fat and high-calorie dishes is not necessary.

Flax seeds not only reduce appetite but are also a drug which is widely used in folk medicine. Use a decoction of flax seed, you implement the prevention of gastritis, ulcers and other diseases associated with digestion.

One of the main components included in the composition of flax seed is fiber. And flax is rich in the two varieties of this substance, insoluble and soluble. In the first case, the fiber helps flax seeds swell and fill up some space in the stomach so that the person eats minimal portions. In the second case, the fiber helps in a long time not to feel hunger.
Flax seeds do not cause harm to the body, so you can eat them several times a day.

Experts have proven that a decoction of flax seeds is not only an effective tool for weight loss, but also a useful ingredient in the diet of any person. Len normalizes the process of digestion, so in small amounts it can be used for preventing heartburn, constipation and gastritis.

Cooking broth

For the preparation of flax broth you will need just two ingredients – water and flax seeds. Liquid bring to a boil with the expectation that 250 ml of water you need one teaspoon of flax seeds. Additionally, boil the mixture for several minutes and then leave to cool and soak for 10-12 hours.

Keep broth preferably in a thermos or container that can be tightly closed with a lid. 5-10 minutes before eating should drink no more than 150 ml of the previously prepared broth. This trick will help you to satisfy your hunger minimal portions of food.

Advice 4 : How to eat flax seeds

Flax seeds have a wide range of medical-preventive action. Doctors say the combination of vitamins, macro - and microelements, fatty acids, enzymes, dietary fiber and other components that are essential for the effective treatment of many diseases. Use flax seeds in different health problems in different ways.
How to eat flax seeds
One of the most common ways is the use of seeds in the ground. Paramonov them in a blender or coffee grinder, or missed through a meat grinder, you get the best Supplement for salads, soups, sauces, jellies, cereals, dairy products, etc. Ground Flaxseed you can also add to dough for pies, pancakes, cakes and casseroles.
As a means to cleanse the body take the powder from the seeds of the flax according to the following scheme:
for the first week drink half a Cup of kefir or any other fermented milk product with the addition of 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds;
in the second week, continue to drink kefir, but add half a Cup already 2 tablespoons of medicinal powder;
- in the third week the number of simultaneous ingestion of yogurt increased to 2/3 Cup (150 ml) with the addition of 3 tbsp. of ground Flaxseed.

Kefir powder of flax seeds to replace you Breakfast for all 3 weeks. This way you will clean the small intestines – depart displays fecal stones, leave some types of parasites (if you were), disappear harmful deposits and slime. Intestinal microflora thus will not be violated.
The use of seeds in the whole form - not less than useful way. In dry and soaked in the view, you can add them to salads, dough for baking bread and muffins, sprinkle them on cereal, omelettes, side dishes (mashed potatoes, pasta, buckwheat, peas), etc.

You could just eat a dry flax seeds, drinking plenty of water. Thus you will enter into the body with beneficial fiber, which can speed up the metabolism. But the metabolic boost is the maximum absorption of the internal organs useful elements from food, the minimum delay of harmful substances (if not excluding it), weight loss, gastritis, normalization of blood pressure, etc. the Daily rate of consumption of dry flax seeds – 2 tbsp, larger quantity can give a laxative effect.
Nutritionists recommend that people suffering from excess weight, take flax seeds in boiled form. Pour a glass of boiling water 2 tsp flax seed, let stand for 15-20 minutes. Add 1 tsp of honey and 2 thin slices of lemon. Drink the drink and eat the seeds.

Another recipe: add 1 tbsp of flax seeds in a thermos and pour 2 cups boiling water, leave overnight. Take half an hour before main meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner), after shaking the flask, 100 ml infusion, which is a Lily-livered liquid. Drink the infusion for 10 days, then discontinue for a week and repeat the course.
Fruit jelly with flax seed - delicious and healthy finished product. It is also prescribed for people with overweight. To use this pudding should be as light snacks, in order to stave off hunger between meals. The recipe of the drink is simple: boil liquid fruit jelly and when it boils, throw into it the seeds of flax based on 200 ml 1 tsp dry seed. As the cooling of the beverage the seeds swell, the pudding will become thick and will easily satisfy your hunger.

It should be borne in mind that the amino acid composition of the protein in Flaxseed is similar to that of soy proteins, is known for its nutritional value. Therefore the feeling of satiety after drinking jelly remains for a long time.

Advice 5 : How to use flax seeds

One of the most useful additives in food are the seeds of flax. Folk medicine also uses them when dealing with almost all diseases. Many cosmetologists notice that masks and infusions of flax seeds to improve the condition of hair, skin, face, hands and neck.
Flax seeds have useful properties

Eat flax seeds with dairy products – so you increase the energy value of the compounds of calcium in the body. Add flax seeds in cottage cheese with sour cream, it promotes the excretion of cholesterol. If you eat flax seeds with milk of menopause, improved overall health.
Use flax seeds as an additive in baked. They not only replace the eggs and oil, but will be a great topping for pastry. When you want to get the spicy nutty flavor of the dough, grind the roasted flax seeds and add the rest.
It is useful to add milled seed in natural juices or infusions. Thus, the instant fiber affects the body in regulating the production of gastric juice and racionero the degree of sugar in the blood cells.

Dermatologists advise to use flax seeds in the form of lotions and compresses. Use them to reduce the pain after burns, softening of calluses. In addition, flax seeds will help with allergic reactions to foods and various dermatitis.
Take flax seeds in the reproductive age. So you not only regulate the content of estrogen in the body, but also conduct prevention of thrush. Regularly taking flax seed, you remove the beginning of menopause and facilitate its flow.
Use flax seeds in diseases of the intestines and stomach. Of them to make tinctures, which need to drink before each meal. Use flax seed and constipation.

The infusion of flax seed use as a hair mask or styling products. The use of this infusion helps with split hairs. Don't forget to moisten linen water to the hair while styling – is that better holds its shape.
Application of flax seed as a mask for face and décolleté: smoothes the skin, improves its color and rejuvenates. Use flax seeds for Mature skin – this eliminates dryness and flaking. Omega-acids contained in flax seeds moisturize the epidermis.
Useful advice
One of the important points when you use flax seeds as a culinary and medical facilities is the use and consumption of liquids. If you drink the seeds with plenty of water, it will accelerate them to swell in the stomach and therefore absorption. Try the correct dosage of this remedy because it has a laxative effect.
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