Advice 1: How to cook Flaxseed broth

Medicinal decoctions of the flowers and seeds of flax has long been widely used as an antitussive and an expectorant. Today, even conventional medicine readily acknowledges the valuable qualities of this useful plant and its truly unique composition. Preparations from the seeds of flax and linseed oil are used extensively in diseases of the stomach and intestines. However, only in recent decades, the decoctions of Flaxseed were again used in homemade cosmetics and medicine.
How to cook Flaxseed broth
You will need
  • - flax seeds;
  • - hot water;
  • - small saucepan with a tight lid;
  • - strainer.
At home, the decoction of flax seeds can be effectively used as a laxative, enveloping and calming. To prepare this broth is not difficult and this procedure does not take much time. Only remember that any remedies from flax seeds or flowers, including herbal teas, you need to use only fresh on the day of preparation, store them it is impossible.
To cook the linseed decoction, take a small saucepan with a lid, pour in it 4 teaspoons of seeds. Pour the seeds in one liter of water and put the saucepan on the fire. Bring solution to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
Then remove the saucepan from the heat, close the lid and put in a warm place to infuse. Leave the broth for one hour. If desired, it can be filtered before use, but not necessarily. No negative effects from drinking not filtered broth will not.
In freshly prepared broth, add to taste a teaspoon of lemon juice. Take half a Cup in about 2-3 hours. The broth is better to use warm. This remedy is very effective in internal swelling and constipation. Noticeable results appear after a week or two of regular use broth.
Ulcerative diseases of the stomach and intestines, various mucous colitis especially useful extracts, which are derived from flax seeds when they are pouring (quite 3 grams) a small amount of boiling water (about ½ Cup). Mucus secreted flax seed coats the inner walls of the stomach and intestine and thereby creates an effective protection against all irritating influences.
Linseed decoction can be used as natural remedies for weight loss. To do this, a tablespoon of flax seeds pour a glass of boiling water, bring to the boil, cover and simmer for half an hour. In the process approximately every 5-7 minutes, lift the lid and stir the broth. Ready means remove from heat, let cool, and take half a Cup half an hour before each meal. In General, during the day you can drink 1.5-2 cups of broth, but no more.

Advice 2: How to store flax oil

Linseed oil is not translated in the house of those who are watching their health. It reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and also effectively fights heartburn, ulcers, constipation, obesity and even worms. However, their properties, this product saves valuable only if stored properly.
How to store flax oil
You will need
  • - a bottle with a narrow neck made of ceramics or dark glasses;
  • - refrigerator or cellar.
Storage of linseed oil use glass bottle with a narrow neck. It is desirable that the glass was tinted: white, green, or blue. Can be applied to ceramic ware, but in this case it is more difficult to control the amount of remaining product. Plastic packaging, which is often sold linseed oil, is not clean, so it is better to pour.
Buying fresh Flaxseed oil in bulk, on the bottle be sure to mark the date, it will not allow you to exceed the retention period.
Keep Flaxseed oil in tightly sealed containers. During use, immediately return the cover, do not leave the bottle open. This is because the product is rich in unsaturated fatty acids easily react with oxygen contained in the air. As a result, when long exposed to air the oil "dries".
Place product in a dark cool place. In the best of all these conditions are satisfied by a fridge, and a private home cellar.
According to the popular recipe, to keep flax oil fresh, add calcined in a pan and chilled table salt at the rate of 1 tsp per liter. In this case, salt will serve as a natural preservative, taking away excess moisture.
Do not use linseed oil, the shelf life has expired. It is not only useless, but can prove to be dangerous.
Useful advice
Purchase fresh flax oil is cold-pressed and must pay attention to its shelf life. It is usually is 3 weeks. Within the specified time, the beneficial properties are lost gradually. Long term storage suggests that the production was used, stabilizers and preservatives. This product better not to buy.

Advice 3: How to use flax seeds in cosmetology

The traditional recipes for the care of skin and hair are widely known Flaxseed oil. But not everyone knows that Flaxseed works no less effectively, also helping to solve a number of cosmetic problems.
How to use flax seeds in cosmetology

Useful properties of flax seeds

Flax seeds in the dried state can be purchased at any pharmacy. Their value is disproportionate to the cost, as flax seed is one of those few products in which include saturated fatty acids omega-3. The body needs them not only for proper functioning but also for maintaining youthful skin. Unfortunately, he these acids does not produce, because to them only from the outside. This property is used in particular in cosmetics, but is not the only advantage of flax seed. Also it contains full range of b vitamins, vitamins E and D, and several minerals.
Thanks to the seeds flavonoids and essential substances they are also the raw material for obtaining the essential oil, is even more widespread in cosmetology.

Flax seeds, application to the skin

Flax can be used for all skin types, the difference in the recipes of masks depends on your existing cosmetic concerns and skin type.

For dry skin mask of 2 tbsp of flax seeds, filled a glass of boiling water and brew for hours. After straining the liquid, the consistency resembles jelly, applied to the skin and leave for half an hour. This recipe not only nourishes and reduces the feeling of tension, but also relieves irritation.

For oily skin the same decoction mixed with oat flour in such proportions as to obtain a paste, in thickness similar to sour cream. First, this mixture is gentle massage of the skin, after which the composition is left on the face for a quarter of an hour. This mask matting, eliminates greasiness and makes the complexion more healthy.
On the basis of linseed jelly can make other mask. Universal is a recipe with white clay, which is diluted in linseed infusion. This mask tones and refreshes the skin any.

For cleansing flax seed is used in cosmetics in its purest form. It must be brewed with boiling water, steamed in a position to shift into a gauze bag and apply on the spots with acne. After a few minutes, the pores will open and you can clean, but my hands have to be sterile clean.

Flax seeds for hair

A decoction of flax is ideal for hair prone to fat. For this you need to apply it on the washed up head, wrap it with a towel for an hour, then comb and dry. Hair becomes healthier and shinier, easier to fit, and also reduces the oiliness of the scalp.

Advice 4: How to cook a laxative at home

Constipation is an unpleasant phenomenon, which often face both adults and children. Typically, the seal the stool accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen, weight and General intoxication. To help deal with this problem can laxatives homemade.
How to cook a laxative at home

Buckthorn and rhubarb for constipation

To activate the bowel movements will help the broth for cooking that will need these components:
- 1,5-2 tbsp rhubarb or buckthorn;
- 0,5 l of water.

Grass pour boiling water, bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 2-3 minutes. 25-27 insist broth minutes and filtered. Drink a laxative 90-100 ml half an hour before meals twice or three times a day.

Gooseberries and Rowan – a sure remedy for constipation

The digestive system benefits rowanberry syrup, for making which we take the following ingredients:
- 2-2,5 tbsp. sugar;
- 200 g of fresh berries of mountain ash.

Fresh juice of mountain ash mixed with sugar. Drink a laxative "drugs" for 50 ml, twice or three times a day after meals.

As for the berries of a gooseberry, from them prepare compote (200 ml of water take 2 tablespoons of berries). You can drink it 4-5 times a day 70-100 ml: a laxative effect is guaranteed. If the compote to drink during the week, you can permanently get rid of constipation.

Aloe constipation

In chronic constipation is recommended to take the drug, which includes the following ingredients:
- 150 ml of aloe juice;
- 30 g of natural honey.

To take an infusion of the plant, which shall be not less than 3-5 years. The leaves of aloe wrapped in paper and placed in the fridge for 7-10 days, then squeeze the juice from them. Further, the aloe juice mixed with honey and pour this mixture into a container of dark glass. Store drug in the refrigerator. Take a laxative mixture of 1 tablespoon twice a day with cooled boiled water.

Yogurt is an effective remedy for constipation

Themselves dairy products (kefir, yogurt, etc.) have a slight laxative effect. But to enhance the action of yogurt is recommended to dilute with vegetable oil (200 ml fermented milk product take 1 tbsp olive or corn oil). This cocktail drink half an hour before bedtime and in the morning confine myself to a light Breakfast of fresh fruit.

Infusion of yarrow – a medicinal product with a laxative effect

Yarrow has choleretic and spasmolytic effect, so the drugs are home-made based on it used for constipation. To prepare an infusion, you will need the following ingredients:
- 1 glass of water;
- 1 tsp. of herb.

Pour yarrow boiled water for 25-28 minutes (preferably in a thermos), filter. Drink drug 70 ml before meals three times a day.

Advice 5: What helps a decoction of flax seed

The list of diseases subject to healing with flax seed, is quite broad. Funds from Flaxseed have shielding, anti-inflammatory, emollient, expectorant, analgesic, wound healing and many other beneficial qualities.
What helps a decoction of flax seed

Treatment of edema

Many people suffer from swelling. The use of drugs often has no useful effect, and only harms the body. A decoction of flax seeds will help to deal with edema without causing harm to the body. It is diuretic, cleans the kidneys and excretes excess fluid. For the 4 tablespoons of flax seeds, you need to pour a liter of boiling water and bring to boil. Boil the decoction for ten minutes and then let stand in a warm place for about an hour. The resulting broth should drink per day in small SIPS at intervals of two hours. Two days you need to drink the broth, then three days to take a break, then the treatment must be repeated. After a few days the swelling will recede, in addition, leaves and a few extra pounds. Please note that the reception of such funds before an important meeting or a long trip would be very unfortunate, it is better to postpone the treatment for a weekend.

Treatment of the stomach and liver

For the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver used the same broth flax seed. Drink it half a Cup morning and evening for quite some time. After this treatment, even the most inveterate ulcers will no longer bother you, this is due to the presence of flax seed envelop and protective properties that can protect your stomach from disorders and pain. Jelly from flax seed is very good for the gastrointestinal tract. Len also normalizes the liver.

Restoration of metabolism and body cleansing

Flax seeds are able to restore hormonal imbalance and to normalize metabolic processes in the body. Len cleans the body from the inside and toxins, helping it to maintain your health. Very effective for a body cleanse Breakfast Flaxseed with yogurt. Jelly from flax seed, eaten regularly, reduces the risk of cancer. This is due to the content in flax omega-3-fatty acids, which destroy cancer cells and prevent the development of cancer. If you don't like Flaxseed jelly, you can replace the daily consumption of 100 g of Flaxseed flour added to different dishes, you can also use it as a breading.

The treatment of diabetes

Very good results are obtained by treatment with flax seed diabetes. But to achieve them takes time. Necessary before starting treatment to consult with your doctor. During treatment, do not forget about the need to constantly monitor the indicators of blood sugar levels. For the treatment need to prepare a decoction of two tablespoons milled into flour flax seed and half a liter of boiling water, boil it for five minutes and then leave for hours. The resulting broth drink once a day for half an hour before meals. Drink a decoction need two months, after which the blood sugar is greatly reduced. Then the treatment is repeated until full recovery.

Advice 6: What can you make from flax seed

From flax seeds, you can cook cakes, salad, cereal, etc. From this product is very tasty and useful shelf, and a decoction of flax seed is indispensable for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
flax seed
Flax seeds are grown and used as food for about 5,000 years. Flax seed is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, lignans and fiber. This composition of the seeds of this amazing plant gives him very extensive properties. In particular, the product can have on the human body antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties. What can be made from flax seeds?
First, flax seeds are a delicious and valuable dietary Supplement in the preparation of all cold dishes, salads, vegetables and fruits and also sauces. Flax seed can fully reveal all their useful properties as part of oatmeal, mashed potatoes, first or second dishes. It blends perfectly with milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese and sour cream. This product is often found in the composition of flour products and pastries.
You can parch the seed or fry it and then grind in a coffee grinder and add to any cereal when cooking: it will improve the taste of food and increase its nutritional value. Of linseed is very tasty medicinal jelly. In order to prepare it, you need to boil the juice, add 2 teaspoons of crushed flax seed and let it sit on low heat for quarter of an hour, stirring occasionally. The cooled jelly can be strained and can be drunk.
Flaxseed has a mucous consistency at the expense of what this product is able to envelop the stomach wall and to fight with many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. To prepare anti-inflammatory infusion of Flaxseed, you need to put one tablespoon in a thermos, pour two cups of boiling water, cover and infuse for 8 hours. Take ½ Cup half an hour before eating 4 times a day.
Natural remedy, a good laxative bowel, is flax seed mixed with Apple pulp. For its preparation it is necessary in the evening to fill the seed with water so it was barely covering, and in the morning add to this mix a grated Apple. This recipe is especially to recommend for pregnant women, often experiencing constipation during carrying a child, but were forced to deal with this problem on its own because of the inability to take medications.
You can prepare a delicious homemade muffins with flax meal. For this 5 cups of flour, mix with 1.5-2 cups of flax, add the sachet of baking powder, 2 eggs, half Cup sugar, vanilla, teaspoon cinnamon, Cup raisins and 2 cups yogurt or kefir. Knead the dough, shape it into rolls and bake in the oven at a temperature of 190°C.
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