Properties of flax seed

The majority of diets made significant restrictions in the human diet. The most common mistake of those trying to say goodbye to excess weight, is the flippant attitude to the achieved result. During the diet a person uses a certain portion of food, eliminate from the diet of many products. However, after you achieve the desired result, many immediately begin to eat the way they did before the diet. This behavior can cause many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the return of previous weight.
Please note that the use of decoction of flax seeds, you should make changes in your diet. Food should be balanced and healthy. To abuse fat and high-calorie dishes is not necessary.

Flax seeds not only reduce appetite but are also a drug which is widely used in folk medicine. Use a decoction of flax seed, you implement the prevention of gastritis, ulcers and other diseases associated with digestion.

One of the main components included in the composition of flax seed is fiber. And flax is rich in the two varieties of this substance, insoluble and soluble. In the first case, the fiber helps flax seeds swell and fill up some space in the stomach so that the person eats minimal portions. In the second case, the fiber helps in a long time not to feel hunger.
Flax seeds do not cause harm to the body, so you can eat them several times a day.

Experts have proven that a decoction of flax seeds is not only an effective tool for weight loss, but also a useful ingredient in the diet of any person. Len normalizes the process of digestion, so in small amounts it can be used for preventing heartburn, constipation and gastritis.

Cooking broth

For the preparation of flax broth you will need just two ingredients – water and flax seeds. Liquid bring to a boil with the expectation that 250 ml of water you need one teaspoon of flax seeds. Additionally, boil the mixture for several minutes and then leave to cool and soak for 10-12 hours.

Keep broth preferably in a thermos or container that can be tightly closed with a lid. 5-10 minutes before eating should drink no more than 150 ml of the previously prepared broth. This trick will help you to satisfy your hunger minimal portions of food.