It is no secret that delirium tremens is the result of the body lack of b vitamin, the fever can overtake and relatively sober people, its manifestations are found among patients with diseases of the Central nervous system, as well as those who found poisonous alcoholic substitute.
Delirium tremens awards human tremor incessant, constant sense of danger, bouts of unreasonable jealousy and lack of sleep. The patient usually plagued by constant nightmares, hallucinations occur, it is attacked by a variety of sounds and images, seeing insects and animals that man not only sees and hears, but can feel. The alcoholic ceases to understand the line of illusion and reality, tries to accomplish feats, or, conversely, barely moves around the house, begging for help.
Delirium tremens - a disease that is fully curable, but sometimes its consequences remain a mark on all subsequent years of life or lead to death. Victims of aggression of patients with "squirrel" as a rule, are close relatives or they themselves, often such people are the objects of criminal Chronicles. Recurring psychosis will inevitably lead to the swelling of the brain and mini-strokes, which are a natural threat to the person's death. Usually, these seizures leave imprints on the human psyche and lead to severe and incurable disorders. Constant companions of delirium are cirrhosis of the liver with its full fatty and diseases of the cardiovascular system, cardiomyopathy. One possible outcome of an attack of delirium tremens can be severe coma with most likely fatal.
As a rule, even early treatment does not guarantee that the patient will be immune to pneumonia, convulsions, dropsy of the brain and other chronic diseases. A person can show signs of alcoholic dementia, partially or completely lose her memory.