Advice 1: How to avoid delirium tremens

Delirium tremens, or delirium tremens, begins on the third or fourth day after the release of a long binge. Cause is brain damage by toxic breakdown products of alcohol. Occurs oxygen starvation, which leads to visual or auditory hallucinations. Condition threatens the patient's life, and it is urgently hospitalitynet.
How to avoid delirium tremens
To avoid white fever, do not drink at all or do not drink alcohol for a long period of time. For long-term remission enough to go to the doctor-the psychiatrist and undergo a course of drug therapy and psychotherapeutic treatment. If you had happened to delirium tremens, you will not be able to avoid it again. Every manifestation of white fever will be more severe.
If, nevertheless, there was a breakdown, do not attempt to bring alcohol drinking pickle juice, tea, broth. It helps only in the case if you drank once, and the next morning feel the signs of intoxication. Prolonged drinking bout these funds can not prevent the appearance of white fever.
Please call an ambulance and without the slightest delay, without waiting for the first symptoms of auditory or visual hallucinations, go to a psychiatric or drug treatment clinic. If you don't want to go to government health facility, call the experts of the private clinics. You will hold an emergency therapy, which will help to quickly remove alcohol and its breakdown products from the body to maintain respiratory and cardiac function. Remember that delirium tremens is threatened with a fatal outcome. It is necessary to know the families and loved ones of the alcoholic.
After removal of intoxication, consult a doctor-psychiatrist for further treatment. Alcoholism is a serious chronic disease that cannot be cured completely, but to achieve a period of stable remission for everyone. For the treatment are antidepressants, antipsychotics, tranquilizers. Treatment regimen and dose for treatment individually for each patient. Currently, the widely used coding methods, acupuncture, reflexology, psychotherapy.

Advice 2 : What consequences can be after delirium tremens

Delirium tremens is not a myth but a harsh fact of life, a serious condition that can lead to very dire consequences. Delirium tremens, as it is called in medical circles, psychosis, which occurs as a result of excessive activity Hobbies alcohol and affects, as a rule, men and women after forty years, chronic alcoholics or those who left in the bout for a few weeks or months.
What consequences can be after delirium tremens
It is no secret that delirium tremens is the result of the body lack of b vitamin, the fever can overtake and relatively sober people, its manifestations are found among patients with diseases of the Central nervous system, as well as those who found poisonous alcoholic substitute.
Delirium tremens awards human tremor incessant, constant sense of danger, bouts of unreasonable jealousy and lack of sleep. The patient usually plagued by constant nightmares, hallucinations occur, it is attacked by a variety of sounds and images, seeing insects and animals that man not only sees and hears, but can feel. The alcoholic ceases to understand the line of illusion and reality, tries to accomplish feats, or, conversely, barely moves around the house, begging for help.
Delirium tremens - a disease that is fully curable, but sometimes its consequences remain a mark on all subsequent years of life or lead to death. Victims of aggression of patients with "squirrel" as a rule, are close relatives or they themselves, often such people are the objects of criminal Chronicles. Recurring psychosis will inevitably lead to the swelling of the brain and mini-strokes, which are a natural threat to the person's death. Usually, these seizures leave imprints on the human psyche and lead to severe and incurable disorders. Constant companions of delirium are cirrhosis of the liver with its full fatty and diseases of the cardiovascular system, cardiomyopathy. One possible outcome of an attack of delirium tremens can be severe coma with most likely fatal.
As a rule, even early treatment does not guarantee that the patient will be immune to pneumonia, convulsions, dropsy of the brain and other chronic diseases. A person can show signs of alcoholic dementia, partially or completely lose her memory.
Usually, two groups of alcoholics, survivors of the attacks of delirium tremens, those who are forever saying goodbye to alcohol and those who returned again and again to the bottle, not realizing that such behavior inevitably leads to death.

Advice 3 : How to calm a person with delirium tremens

Delirium tremens, in common "delirium tremens" - a dangerous mental illness, which tend to people suffering from dependence on alcohol. Patients in the acute stage can hurt not only themselves but also others.
How to calm a person with delirium tremens

"White heat": the causes

It is believed that delirium tremens or delirium tremens is very rare and only in severe alcoholism. But in fact, this phenomenon of mental disorder, which could face every person emerging from the binge.
Delirium tremens ("the DTS") is a severe mental illness that requires inpatient treatment.

Usually the disease manifests itself a few days after the release of the binge, and in the severe stage of the disease may occur before voraciously. This happens due to the fact that the liver, pancreas and stomach used to highlight the body a certain amount of enzymes required to digest alcohol. If the person refuses sharply from alcohol, especially after prolonged binge, and enzymes in the body do not cease to stand out, is the poisoning of these same enzymes – this leads to delirium tremens. Usually the patient with delirium in the afternoon calm, but at night there are some serious aggravation.


Trembling hands and feet, poor sleep, nightmares, mood swings in the afternoon, revulsion from alcohol, vomiting are some signs of "delirium tremens". People with this disorder cannot sit in one place, he is very restless, after waking up from a dream he can appear terrifying hallucinations, which he perceives as reality, but he could hear the sounds which are actually there.


The treatment is carried out in specialized clinics and in intensive care. Usually patients "delirium tremens" put a dropper with diuretics, medications that support the liver, if required, give a cordial and sedative. Recovery occurs in 3-8 days, all different. Such patients cannot be treated at home. To delay the hospitalization is dangerous not only for themselves but also for society.

First aid during delirium tremens

In case of inadequate behavior of a person prone to drinking bouts (suspicion, the appearance of hallucinations, aggressiveness, motor restlessness), you should immediately call drug or mental health emergency.
A sure way to avoid "delirium tremens" - to stop drinking. If it can't do that, drug experts suggest not going to recover from the binge.

Prior to her arrival, the patient is required to lay in bed, preferably tied to the bed. When symptoms of "delirium tremens" are shown plentiful drink. To reassure the patient helps usually attached to the head of the ice. In the presence of the house or sedative hypnotics, you can also use them to pacify. In this state, a person is a danger to others, so it needs to be under strict supervision.

Advice 4 : How to treat delirium tremens

Delirium tremens - acute postalcohol psychosis is common in people, often receiving alcoholic beverages with high ethanol content. Rarely, the disease manifests itself in a period of hard drinking, most visible symptoms appear in 2-4 days after the last dose of alcohol, and even later. The fever is very scary and serious disease that requires fast treatment under the supervision of a specialist. So, if you see someone close to strong agitation, inappropriate behavior, and hallucinosis, immediately consult a doctor.
How to treat delirium tremens
Call an ambulance, the patient needs to be hospitalized. At the hospital, he begins to undergo treatment with psychotropic drugs, mainly neuroleptics. Doses of drugs is quite high, so to treat them at home impossible, and dangerous to leave a person with hallucinations of one, or the loved ones.
As delirium tremens - the effects of insomnia on the background of severe intoxication, the person will enter and narcotic drugs. The first days you will not be able to visit the patient, he will sleep most of the time. This should not scare you, restoring the nervous system occurs this way. After 2-3 days the dose of hypnotics will be significantly reduced, but it is provided that the patient began to feel better.
The patient will be administered high doses of drugs that produce intoxication. These drugs are paid, but sometimes they are administered free of charge. Detoxification will be carried out for 5-7 days, sometimes longer. It all depends on symptoms of disease and the overall health of the patient.
Living conditions in the hospital not to everyone's liking, but no matter how ask the patient to pick it up earlier than 15-21 days, don't do it. The crisis may begin at day 14 after the person has stopped drinking. During treatment, he put down not only neuroleptics, but also give supportive therapy of vitamins.
After treatment, keep the patient continued taking some prescription drugs for the required period. Without this, the next bout of delirium tremens may begin in a more severe form. Visual and auditory hallucinations may bring the patient to suicide. Be very careful and contribute to people received treatment for alcoholism, because withdrawal symptoms are not talking about complete cure of the disease, she can go after 50 g of vodka.
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