You will need
  • account in Sberbank of Russia with an associated card or passbook;
  • account in another Bank specified in the order of receipt of specific benefits (for example, at the Bank of Moscow tied to the social map of Muscovite, upon payment of certain supplementary benefits to the residents of the capital from the city budget) or other Russian credit organizations;
  • - passport (not necessary if the allowance is charged to the card and withdrawn at an ATM, when you transfer money to another account through Internet banking).
Find out on the advice on obtaining benefits, where it is transferred. If you are in employment and execute a leave to care for a child, the documents needed, including Bank details for money transfer, you must provide at the place of work. In all other cases - in the management of social protection of the population at the place of registration.
Open an account in Sberbank or another credit institution, recommended by the employer or the Department of social protection of the population (or, if conditions allow the issuance of specific benefits, in the Bank of your choice). To do this, visit the nearest Bank branch with your passport and inform the operator about his desire to open an account to receive children's allowances. In Sberbank it is best to take the opportunity to open a plastic card "Social", designed to receive benefits and pensions.
Connect the service of SMS-informing about cash flow on the account. In Sberbank of Russia it is included in full package services "Mobile Bank" and during the first two months free. Then you can if you want to give it up. To check the account via the Internet, you can at any time to connect to the system "Sberbank Online". This will save you from having to visit the Bank to check the accounts subject to regular income. Connection and use of system free. Other credit institutions usually also available the possibility of remote account management from your mobile phone and through Internet banking, these services can be connected upon account opening or later. SMS-notification-usually paid for using Internet banking money more often than not take, but there are exceptions.
Apply for a social card of a Muscovite or its equivalent if there is one in your area, if your earned benefit is awarded on a map. To do this, refer to the experts of management of social protection of the population, which are responsible for this issue. If in your area the design of these cards deals with other organization, for example, the Bank itself, follow the instructions in the management of social protection of the population or the employer.
Wait for SMS notification about crediting the account of the first benefits. After one or two months you will know the approximate date of receipt of the money, and hence when to check the account, which will allow you to unsubscribe from SMS notifications.
Remove from the account the required amount within the available balance. In the presence of a card you can do it in the ATM (Sberbank in the region without a fee, other credit institutions mostly for a fee, which is deducted from your account), the cashier of the savings Bank (this will need to show the clerk your passport and the card), transfer money to another account via Sberbank Online. If the money goes in the savings account, contact the teller at the Bank branch where it was opened, a passbook and a passport. When using an account in another Bank set of options to withdraw funds from the account, usually. similar. Card, which receives the allowance, you can also pay in places where there is a technical possibility for this.