Statement you can write by hand. In the statement you should specify, in accordance with paragraph 6 of the order of payment of benefits, the following information:
In the header of the application, write the full name of the organization where you are applying, as well as the surname, name and middle name (no abbreviations) the person entitled to receive benefits(the father or mother, guardian), please indicate the passport data, the address of actual residence and registration address.
In the statement specify the type of benefits, which turns the person entitled to receive benefits, specify how benefits and all details of the Bank account if the allowance will be transferred to the account of the applicant.
Attach to the application:
-a copy of the birth certificate of the child
-certificate from the registry office about a birth of the child (form No. 24),
-certificate of employment of the other parent that the benefit he was not appointed.
The statement must be signed by the person who submits the statement below shall bear the date of application.