Advice 1: How to convince parents to buy a scooter

Scooter is a very compact vehicle, even compared to motorcycles. Right on scooter, too. For these reasons, the scooter becomes a dream for many teenagers. But the scooter is not at all, and have to ask parents.
To buy a scooter need a good reason
In order to parents really listened to your arguments about why you need a scooter that needs a good reason. For a start, imagine yourself in the place of parents. As you know, most often it is against the mother. Why? Though, because mom loves you and you is the most precious thing she has. To not constantly think about what her son or daughter gets into an accident, it must be sure that you know the SDA.
Therefore, the main condition — learn the traffic rules. Remember, what you do is not so much in order to show mom or dad that know about the rules, but first and foremost for themselves. Remember, how many road accidents with participation of scooters and motorcycles. Think about it — if you really so need a scooter?
Another option to show your worth and ability to handle a vehicle is to rent a scooter. The cost of the issue here is not any comparison with the cost of the scooter but that way you will really be able to assess their skills and demonstrate their parents to practice. Besides, you more clearly defined in their desires.
If you are assured parents that control the scooter I can, but the question still remains unresolved, show practical benefit from the purchase. Here it is necessary to improvise and to raise issues actually relevant to your family. For example, your grandmother often in the garden and it is sometimes necessary to take something or bring in from the garden cucumbers or potatoes. And here comes to the aid of a scooter. Without distracting parents, you will easily be able to do a good job to help my grandmother. The presence of the scooter is justified.
If you know that parents are not against it, but still don't rush. Wait for moments when they are in a good mood and to the question about buying from afar. Or really do anything useful, thus creating a positive background for talking about the scooter.
So, you make a conclusions.
First decide if you really so much need a scooter. Think carefully and more than once. If the decision is made — be sure to learn the rules of the SDA. Practice on computer programs, whatever — but the rules you must know. Invent a really good reason to buy. Such reasons as "Because I want" or "Yes we all now these scooters is that I left what?" will only alienate you from your dreams.

Advice 2 : How to convince parents to buy a bike

The desire to have your own Bicycle can become the child's real dream. If for any reason it is not is a psychological complex for many years. Parents not buying you a bike is unlikely to proceed from the worst motives. In order to get them to buy, you should act calmly and confidently.
How to convince parents to buy a bike
You will need
  • - Bicycle hire;
  • money.
  • helmet.
Think about why the parents refuse to buy you a bike. They may have financial difficulties or they are worried for your safety. It is possible that you simply have nowhere to store a Bicycle or even have a place to skate. Analysis of the reasons for refusal and will be the main reason for further action.
Think about how you can solve the problem where you have no bike. If it is only money, and you are already in the age where you can look for jobs, go for it. Today, the choice of bikes is quite large, and make for a simple but qualitative model is possible even during the summer holidays. If we are talking about other obstacles begin to overcome them steadily and gradually.
Demonstrate the desire to move, play sports, spend time actively. Show your parents that a Bicycle you need in order to stay healthy and spending time playing computer games, and the fresh air.
Convince parents that you are in control of their own safety. For example, if you ran the roadway in the wrong place, they have good reason to believe you are careless and reckless. Prove that you always stick to the necessary requirements for cyclists to ride in a special helmet and follow traffic rules. Promise that you will not engage on bike extreme types of riding.
Rent a Bicycle or with friends for a while. Leave it and show your parents how happy you are. Seeing your happy face, they will want to please you like you buy.
You shouldn't throw tantrums and "moan". So you will only irritate the parents. Adults certainly wish you the best and will buy you a bike if you ask about it more gently and reasonably.
Useful advice
If you constantly spend time in the company of good friends, who like your parents, hint that all the guys bikes already there. Parents are unlikely to want you to feel left out, and speed up the purchase.
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