To understand does your chosen you as much as you love him, the task is not that difficult. It is only necessary to know some features of male behavior. This will help you easily identify if he has any feelings for you or not. If a man you truly love, it will show part of your life. He will be interested in you and also will try to make you feel comfortable. The important thing is that he even will not have to ask, the man simply begins to do anything and everything.
A man in love always seeks his beloved. All the free time he spends with you is a sure sign that the man is crazy about you. Despite the fact that he had many Affairs, he still tries to carve out a free moment to spend it with you. Also for the love of men is very important what he thinks about his woman. If he carefully listens to your opinion, signals that he is in love. Understand that to ask the man about it directly is not worth it. First, you show him that you are not confident. Secondly, no need to pressure him. But the question many men have causes bad emotions. So draw your own conclusions about his feelings based on nonverbal behavior.
If a man communicates for you to people that it is not very pleasant, you should know that he loves you very much. All this he does only for you. Man plans your future, meet your family and so on. He is willing to do anything to make you happy. All only shows that he is deep in love with you. Try to maintain it and care for it will allow him to feel loved and desired. You in turn, do not hesitate to show their feelings. Show him how much you care about him. Every man needs affection, so give it to him.