Advice 1: Like asking if he loves me

Doubt is the worst thing in any relationship. If in doubt about whether you love the man or not, it is best to ask about this. Only here it is necessary to act very carefully not to be trapped.
Like asking if he loves me
To understand does your chosen you as much as you love him, the task is not that difficult. It is only necessary to know some features of male behavior. This will help you easily identify if he has any feelings for you or not. If a man you truly love, it will show part of your life. He will be interested in you and also will try to make you feel comfortable. The important thing is that he even will not have to ask, the man simply begins to do anything and everything.
A man in love always seeks his beloved. All the free time he spends with you is a sure sign that the man is crazy about you. Despite the fact that he had many Affairs, he still tries to carve out a free moment to spend it with you. Also for the love of men is very important what he thinks about his woman. If he carefully listens to your opinion, signals that he is in love. Understand that to ask the man about it directly is not worth it. First, you show him that you are not confident. Secondly, no need to pressure him. But the question many men have causes bad emotions. So draw your own conclusions about his feelings based on nonverbal behavior.
If a man communicates for you to people that it is not very pleasant, you should know that he loves you very much. All this he does only for you. Man plans your future, meet your family and so on. He is willing to do anything to make you happy. All only shows that he is deep in love with you. Try to maintain it and care for it will allow him to feel loved and desired. You in turn, do not hesitate to show their feelings. Show him how much you care about him. Every man needs affection, so give it to him.

Advice 2: How to check whether love husband

Yesterday the day and you could not live without each other to live, and now the relationship became cooler. It is unclear what lies behind men's detachment – the risk of breaking or just plain fatigue. What to do to check the feelings?
How to check whether love husband
Even perfect at first glance, the unions have their UPS and downs. You may have come to a temporary cooling period, you should not panic. Consider the situation from all sides, try to be objective.
What provokes your doubts about your husband's feelings? He stopped to give flowers lingers in the evenings, and spends weekends with friends? Make sure that your alarm is not farfetched. For example, if the husband has to work a busy period, it is necessary to spend more time there, and your jealousy has no real basis.
Ask your husband to help you with the housework, bring it to family court. For a long time whether he was interested in school grades son? Maybe you have too much on himself, and he was eliminated so as not to disturb you to be in charge. Let him know that they need care and attention, then his attitude to you will become obvious.
Spend the weekend together, have a romantic weekend. These days will not prevent you from daily worries. The mood of man, his behavior and even the way he will accept this offer, you can learn a lot. A loving person always ready to enliven the senses, putting aside problems.
Go on a little trick. Throw a party with friends, there will certainly be together with your spouse. Let old friends watch you. Does it not seem to them that your relationship has become more restrained? Sometimes third-party judgments bring a lot of useful information that the man himself just can't miss.
Still, the best way to check your feelings – ask them directly. Say that you have doubts and suspicions and you don't want to deal with them alone. In any case you can count on the honesty of a spouse, together you will overcome a difficult period, because marriage is dear to you both.

Advice 3: How to know if you love the guy

I guess every girl wants to be sure that the guy really loves her. However, to ask such questions directly – the action of insensitive and often inappropriate. Yes, and the guy can be corny be ashamed to talk about their feelings.
How to know if you love the guy
Listen carefully to what the guy says and how he behaves. The first symptom of love is attributed the tenderness and warmth in the words. It also includes a situation where a young man tries not to swear or something different to be aggressive if you are close.
To find out if you love the guy, according to his plans. If he constantly talks about the future and sees you next to him, then it is worth a lot. Also, the guy can talk about their dreams or any goals that wants to achieve. If they contain you, he is sure to love.
Signs of love include constant attention to your person. The guy may be interested in all of your Hobbies, constantly ask about your business, and also pay great attention to detail.
Special attention should be given to look. If it is filled with tenderness, caring, and almost never gets angry, no matter how bad you behave, this young man probably wants to build a relationship with you. Special attention should be paid to look at those moments when you are alone.
Truly a man in love will do everything possible to help his chosen. He will come to you for help in any situation. It will be every day to visit you if you get sick. He will try to please you in any situation, if only just to see you smile.
Remember that all people are individuals and if your young man does not fall under these examples, it does not mean that he doesn't like you. Maybe he's just differently expressed sympathy.

Advice 4: How to know if you love the girl

Feelings is a difficult sphere of human life. Any man wants to know exactly how it relates to favorite girl. There are many signs that help to determine just that.
How to know if you love the girl

Going beyond the stereotypes - a good sign

One of the accurate signs of sympathy, interest in communicating with her. When the girl takes the initiative (calls, writes, offers to meet) beyond the imposed social etiquette, it means that her feelings are strong enough. After all, when there are real emotions, you can forget about niceties like the belief that a man should take the initiative first. But don't just let her with him to chat, if this process is unilateral, even the most loving girl will lose interest in you because you can't always play in one gate".

Emotional attachments also indicate "seriousness". Under this term we can understand the sincere involvement of girls in your communication. When she tries to amuse, entertain, cheer up, it's safe to say that she likes you.

Girls in love begin to consider your interests. When the stage of flirting and flirting is passed, it included feelings, girls begin to take into account and focus on your desires. Most likely you will meet where you prefer and when you prefer. If your passion puts in the forefront your wants and needs, not paying attention to your, most likely, her interest in you waned.

Inspiration is the Foundation of love

But the main symptom of love can be considered inspiration. Meeting you should encourage the girl. If, after the visits, she says or writes to you that she was okay, easy, she had the desire to do something new, it means she loves you. Positive emotions from the meeting — the only sure sign of an existing love. It is therefore important to make every date special. After all, the impossibility of meeting a girl in love sometimes it seems a real tragedy. If she tells you that without you it is bad, boring, sad, dim, means you are a significant part of her life. Girls are very fast and very very attached to men, which diversify the life, make it not so monotonous.

However, to understand that the girl is in love with you not only on her behavior. Try to focus on your feeling when you are around her. Your intuition should tell you whether your girlfriend loves you. Well, if you used to go ahead, ask her directly. But be prepared that the answer may be you and not to please.
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