Ask yourself: as much as you love each other? Can be one of the partners gets into the love response, but only gives.
Call the man a sense of jealousy. Try to play in front of him with a friend or simply smile to a stranger. Watch his reaction: if he cares about you, he will make sure you remark, and you will feel that he is jealous.
Notice, does he care about you. Out of the car, does your hand do holds the door for you, helps to convey the severity. The desire to help in small things makes it clear that he sincerely subconsciously cares for you.
View your e-mails or text messages. Please note how he ends his message, whether in words of love: "hug", "kiss", "miss you". If a man is ashamed to Express to you their feelings even in this form, his intentions are clearly not serious.
Talk to the man heart-to-heart about their past relationships. If he does not finish, hides the facts, it speaks of his disbelief. The man is not yet ready to open up to new relationships and experiences past feelings.
Asked to go to a meeting with his friends. For men the opinion of his entourage is in the first place, and if he hesitates to introduce you, he is unsure of his feelings, and the further development of your relationship. It does not associate you two as a pair.
Ask your girlfriend with her boyfriend to go with you on a date, like a coffee shop to check out the man on the senses. Let her observe his behavior: does he respect you, does invisible. She knows you are not the first day and from hand, I sometimes know better, do you know each other, or will the man says nasty things behind you.
Ask a man to provide for you a small favor: to burn a movie to a CD or collection of music. This will allow to understand whether he is ready to spend some portion of their personal time. Follow the result: he will remember your request and how fast it will perform. If he forgot about your simple request, then he's not ready to spend your free moments of your life.