You will need
  • - passport,
  • - birth certificate of the child
  • - marriage certificate or paternity establishment,
  • - reference from place of work or study, about the absence of similar payments,
  • - certificate of registration at the place of residence.
In Russia developed a system of all doppet, each of which requires submitting a variety of certificates and other official documentation kind. For example, if the boy's mom promptly stood on the account in a period not exceeding twelve weeks of pregnancy, subject to availability of certificates from the local obstetrics and personal statement in writing she is eligible - reward for timely action.
The fact of the appearance of a small child on light implies the child allowance, one-time character dad or mom baby. To receive a relying family amount is sufficient to present a certificate issued by an official registry office on a special form No. 24, talking about the successful outcome of childbirth, help with your current job or services of the other parent, ensuring that such payments were not previously made, and an official statement of the applicant for the money.
Every mom also guaranteed allowance for childbirth and pregnancy. A set of documents, binding the employer or the social security authorities to make required by law of funds includes official medical certificate obtained by the mother visited her in consultation, and the statement of a mother.
In order to keep for a year and a half leave related to care for the baby, take advantage of the natural stable right to the payment of a child allowance, you need to gather together documents such as birth certificate baby certificate of birth of all previous children, to get help with your current job or services of the other parent is not claiming the money, telling authorities that such benefits have not previously been assessed, and a statement of desire to use vacation accruals and provisions during this period the monthly payments. If the mother of the child is not issued on an official place of work, this set of documents gives her a guarantee of additional transfers up to sixteen years of age of the child.
In the case where the family income of the unborn child is equal to or below the level accepted in the country living wage, parents are supposed to accrual of additional funds to be paid until the child reaches the age of majority. To confirm this right will require a passport dads and moms, the birth certificate of the baby, the certificate confirming registration of the child in the same room with his parents, help with the work, service or school parents, demonstrating the real level of their joint income, copies of their employment, certified on-site work, evidence of the consummation of marriage between them, or document about the establishment of paternity and the document from the other parent, whether father or mother, that this type of benefit previously not used and was not adopted to the calculation.