The monthly benefit can be issued to all establishments employing woman. The maximum amount for calculating benefits may not exceed 465000 rubles a year. To calculate the minimum benefit amount is taken to be the minimum wage, even if a woman earned less.
For calculation benefits calculated the average wage for 24 months. You need the entire earned amount of cash during a specified period divided by 730. To the amount earned is not added to the amount received for sick leave and amount received in benefits and social benefits. The amount of travel and subsistence is now added to the total amount of 24 months. That is, to calculate the allowance can be based on the amount of earnings from which paid the premiums.
The entire earned amount for the 24 months to fold, divided by 730. Get the sum of the average earnings for a day's work. This amount multiplied by 30.4 – the average number of days in the month. The amount received multiplied by 40%. This will be the amount of monthly benefits to care for a child up to six years.
Women who worked less than 24 months, the allowance is calculated from the average earnings for all hours worked. If the amount is lower than the average amount for the minimum wage, the calculation is done based on the minimum wage. To calculate the benefits of not having experience of 24 months is necessary to add up all the earned amount, divide it by the number of calendar days worked, multiplied by the average number of days in month 30.4 and multiply by 40%. The amount to be calculated is taken as the one with which was paid the insurance premiums.