You will need
  • adult witnesses;
  • audio or video recording equipment (recorder, video camera, smart phone);
  • phone with sms;
  • - computer printout of Internet resources.
Faced with constant insultsme, that is blatant humiliation of dignity, do not attempt to respond in kind and open the skirmish. It will lead only to fruitless argument. Or even to fight. You need it? Instead of waving fists and dialogue in a raised voice, better prepare yourself mentally for a new meeting with insulting you. If she is indeed imminent.
The main thing for you — the need to produce evidence. In this good deed can help and a regular phone, receiving daily abusive "text messages" and built into it a recorder. Or even a video camera, which easily record another obscene monologue. It is not necessary to remove the evil Internet message. Well, I will be a witness of your conflict. And if you will be able to share all the above with the judge, to prove the fact of abuse is quite real.
Written statement go to the Prosecutor and complain that you can no longer safely live and work. The advantage is a medical certificate recording that you have heart problems, blood pressure jumps, you start to suffer from insomnia. And do seriously fear for his life and has already visited a psychologist. Be sure to write in the application that need to bring a source of increased danger to administrative responsibility.
If the person is insulting you, have used computer page on the social network or blog, you need to conduct a study of the text. Then legalize the document at the notary. At the same time refer to the administration of the resource with the request to punish you offending user and block or delete his account.