You will need
  • Ability to behave in hands and to give reasonable arguments.
Breathe in full lungs of air and slowly counted to ten, breathe it. This simple exercise will help to calm down. As the rights of theILO, the belief in therightsof OTE leads to an explosion of emotions: thoughts are confused and fails to logically Express what you think. It often happens that after a dispute, after some time, thinking of the situation, you begin to understand what the arguments would lead to, but too late: after a fight with his fists do not wave. So the first rights of theILO of any dialogue is calm.
Clean up your thoughts line up possible line of conversation. If the meeting is scheduled, prepare for it: support your opinion with solid arguments. For example, describe any similar case and take from it the conclusion that everyone is wrong. Or turn on in the arguments of other people's opinions competent in this matter. If the conversation was a surprise to you, then try the most clearly make your speech, speak with confidence: the source may just be confused, seeing your understanding and knowledge of the issue. Consequently, his view will be shaken. But sometimes there are people with enviable stubbornness to convince these very difficult, but possible. You must, in turn, exercise perseverance. Usually, if they at any time make a convincing case, then they listen to the voice of reason.
Be polite, tactful, do not use profanity. Remember that by increasing the tone of it doesn't-not in any way convince the person, raising voice at him or offending him. Learn to listen to the interlocutor, not interrupting it. Hearken to the arguments you made and try each of them to find their BUT. In this case your words should be more convincing. Dialogue must take place in a peaceful way, so you quickly reach agreement and perhaps hear the words: "I was rights".