Some of the characteristics of this category of cases is the burden of proof of the Commission of the crime, the presence of adverse consequences and the guilt of the accused, which fully lie on the victim.
If you decide to bring the offender to criminal responsibility for libel, you should make about that statement by the magistrate. Specific judicial sector is determined by the rules of territorial jurisdiction, that is, the statement is to be sent to the scene of the crime or at the place of residence of the victim.
However, if the victim is not known to the suspect data, the application advisable to apply to the investigative body or the body of inquiry, where after establishing the identity of the suspect, will forward the material to the magistrate.
In the introductory part of the statement, you must specify the name of the court in which it is served, as well as information about the victim.
The following outline the gist of the statement: describe the events of the crime, where, when and under what circumstances it was committed, and most importantly - by whom. If you do not know the details of the person subject to criminal prosecution, the court may refer the material to investigative body to identify it.
In conclusion, state your request addressed to the court on initiation and adoption of criminal case and be sure to sign the statement.
Don't forget to send to the court copies of the application by the number of persons against whom criminal proceedings were instituted.
If the form and contents of the Declaration conform to the requirements, the magistrate will take a statement to its production. Otherwise, the statement returns with an indication of the period for correction of defects.