We're going to talk about the dispute in which it is not the truth, only the desire to prove that your opinion is the only right and fruitful discussion, when everyone wants to come to a common opinion.
Innocence you have to prove in that case, if questioning her. You should not go immediately into the bottle, and quietly and respectfully listen to the opinion of your opponent, not interrupting it. Ask clarifying questions and try to disprove it is wrong, in your opinion, statement. Until you come to a common opinion, your innocence cannot be proven.
Connect the logic and common sense, argue all my statements. Cannot be considered proof of your innocence such arguments as: "I think so", "As everyone knows", "Always been so".
If your innocence can be proven by documents, use that evidence. If it can be confirmed by the actual numerical values, bring them in. Do not be unfounded and your conclusions and assertions will agree is much faster.
Stick to during the discussion respectful and fair tone. If you used insights unknown to the interlocutor the facts, it is not necessary to emphasize his incompetence. Don't get personal and don't let the condescending, ironic, or aggressive tone.
Before entering into a discussion, think about whether your partner wants to be sure in your rightness and is ready to change his opinion. There are people who are always sure they are right and absolutely not ready to change their point of view. Any attempt to convince them that their opinion is wrong, is perceived as an attack on their credibility and their reaction can be very painful. Why do you have to buy enemies. If the dispute relates to beliefs and phenomena, then there is no point to prove anything, because each person can have their own point of view