Protection – a normal human reaction. You are insulted, then you have made a psychological attack. And dearer than the abuser, the harder you blow. Why is this happening? Because the person who knows all your ins and outs to be well informed about the weak areas:
- are you dissatisfied with your figure and does he know this; he's in a fit of anger said something like "watch your weight", it is clear that in a rude form;

- or you like to sit at home, doing housework, scrub floors, cook pies and respectively, get a "home chicken". In the worst case of "domestic hen, which is necessary to watch my weight".
From this we can conclude that no need to keep too close, will not hurt. But it is a wrong conclusion. Rather, it is necessary to think about the fact that the person I wanted to tell you actually and why you reacted like that. Realizing that behind the insults, you will learn how to answer them.
If you called them, the first thing I wanted to draw your attention to a problem. They say, Hey, listen to me! Perhaps you are not careful - your abuser problems at work, a midlife crisis, a stomach ache? Your answer: the most correct way to find out what happened.
If the insult has hurt you deeply, then you believe that the abuser told the truth or was close to the truth. Returning to the example of "chicken": you feel fat, unkempt, and nobody cares. What to do? To change!
If you have reacted to innocuous words or, in General, tend to "free interpretation", then you lack love and tenderness. Now you attract the attention of the inappropriate behavior and receive if not participating, then at least the scandal, which is still better than nothing. Way - to build a new relationship with this person, and if you do not get to leave. On the insults of a happy life is not built.
Conclusion: the name-calling is only a consequence. Look for the cause and work on it. If you heard the words seem to be offensive only to you, most likely, your relationship has reached a crisis. And remember, it's nothing personal – everyone just solves their problem!