Stores "Last Name"

The area of each store, "last Name" is very large and the number of staff who will always show and tell the buyer all the necessary information he needs about the product. The product catalog stores "Surname" contains a huge number of items, where any customer will be able to choose for yourself or a child male or female clothes, underwear, shoes, and many other things.

The activity of the network "Family" started about ten years ago and since then has become very popular throughout Russia.

All the stores offer their goods at very low prices, because "Family" cares about its customers and has taken various measures aimed at reducing the cost of production. It is for this in stores "Surname", the practice of bulk purchasing, self-service and many other economical factors. Because the stores "last Name", most often located in the center of Moscow, are easy to reach with the whole family and buy all the necessary things without tedious trips to unknown locations.

Addresses of shops

Stores "Name" in Moscow are located at:
- Aviamotornaya St., shosse Entuziastov, d. 7a, TC "Rogozhskaya Zastava"),
- Alexeevskaya, Mira Ave., D. 122, building 1, (shopping center "Yaroslavl"),
- Altufevo, Belozerskaya str., 11,
- Annino, Varshavskoe shosse, 143A,
- Vyhino, Sormovskaya str., 6, (TK, Yes!)
- Dinamo, Begovaya Alleya, d. 3A,
- Krasnogvardeyskaya St., Musa Jalil str., 6, (TC "Peter"),
- Leninsky prospect, street Ordzhonikidze, D. 11.

The most visited stores last Name are outlets operating on the territory of Vyhino, Maryino, Yasenevo and Paveletskaya.

Also Moscow shops "last Name", located at:
- Marino, Novocherkassk Boulevard, 10,
Paveletskaya, ul Dubininskaya, d. 70,
- Petrovsko-Razumovsky, street Dubninskaya, d. 30, building 1 (TC "Peter"),
- Lenin square, St. Volochaevskaya, d. 12A,
- Mira, ("Olimpiysky" sports Complex, shopping center "Coliseum"), entrance 7, 9,
- street view-ul. 1 Kvesisskaya th, d. 18,
- Semenovskaya, street Weaving, 5,
- Taganskaya str., 25-27,
- St Tushinskiy, Pyatnitskoe shosse, d. 39, (TC "Neptune"),
- Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, Skobelevskaya str., 24,
- St. Podbelskogo, the open highway, Vlad. 9,
- Tsaritsyno, ul Biryulevskaya, 51,
- Southwest, street lake, d. 42,
Yasenevo, street 5, Vilnius.