Contact odnoo from reliable and official information systems - Central address Bureau of Moscow. Background information is given only in person and after payment receipt. The Bureau is located at the address: Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya street, building 10. Contact phone, office: 8-499-978-2820.
To search for information about your organization, there are many online resources for example, you can use the free service to Find Easy. In addition, there are many paid specializing in the search of resources. To search keep the following information: phone, e-mail, the web address of the organization.
Conveniently search for ' human habitation on the information portal of RIA "Hello, CAPITAL". This information resource provides a free service for finding addresses, telephone numbers and other reference information. Sagaidit the website information portal (
The menu is on the left, select "Moscow. Questions and answers", this will automatically be taken to another page where you need to find and choose the menu "Phones of Moscow" (on the menu bar to the left against a green background, approximately in the middle pages of the site, it is therefore necessary to use the scroll function).
In the appeared tab "Phones of Moscow" (on blue background), select the menu item "Addresses and phones of Muscovites".
In the dialog box, move the mouse cursor and click on the big gray button "search by name-my name or phone number. Address and phone of Muscovites". In the window that appears you must enter data to search: surname, name, patronymic, telephone. And press the "Find"button.
Further, from a system-provided list, you should choose the right person and to see with his address, phone number or other information.