Deacon (deacon) is a priest of the Orthodox Church. The deaconate is the first step of the priesthood. The difference between a deacon from a priest that is not able to perform the ordinances of the Holy Church, but is only entitled to take part in them as the main helper of the priest (priest).

Deacons say a large part of the petitions addressed to God, during the Liturgy. At the divine Liturgy the deacon is assigned the reading of a passage from the gospel. Endowed with the grace of priesthood, the person in the rank of deacon has every right to touch the Holy throne in the altar (it is forbidden to ordinary acolytes and the Sexton).

As Dacosta is a type of priestly service to God, to receive the Holy San only from the ruling Bishop (Bishop). After pastor deacon has no right to re-marriage or first marriage, if the person before he became a monk.

Deacons can be divided into senior and Junior. So, the archdeacon is the senior deacon. Usually, these people serve, along with Parvaim Bishop, but Protodjakonova can be a reward for years of service. There is also archdeacon. This is the person who carries out the service with the Patriarch. Deacons who before taking Holy orders, he was tonsured a monk, referred to in the Orthodox Church Hierodeacon.