The schema and its adoption

Voice in Orthodoxy is called the highest monastic degree, which requires from the monk who accepted it, the observance of a strict ascetic conditions. Initially, the schema was a monastic vestments of a special type, but over time, the word became known as solemn vow of a monk, ready to asceticism. When the vows as novices, persons must renounce all worldly things, changing the name, giving a vow hermit, attired in the clothes of a monk a monk.
Taking monastic vows, the monk will completely change your lifestyle for the monastic life and finally devotes himself to God.

Traditionally, Orthodox monasticism consists of four stages – raaphorst, the initial degree of monasticism, the small schema and the great schema. At an elementary level, from novice don't require taking any vows, unlike the small schema, when the future monk must bring the vows of obedience, celibacy and poverty, and to change the name. The great schema is the vow offering of constant prayer and regular change in the name of monk, which each change of name finds a new patron Saint.

Especially taking the schema

A monk taking the great schema, completely alienates itself from the hustle and bustle of the world, getting constant prayer, designed to reunite his soul with God. Such people are called hermits or ascetics. In fact, a great voice, repeats all the basic vows of the small schema, however it requires the monk to follow these vows more strictly and precisely.
In ancient times the hermits were given one additional vow to shut in the cave and forever to renounce the temporal world, left alone with God.

Velikogoricka of the Russian Orthodox Church tend to live separately from the rest of the monks and perform only the obedience which relate to duhovniceasca, the rule of prayer and of the Liturgy. The Bishop, who took the monastic loses the ability to manage the diocese, and the monks, the priests are exempt from all duties, except constant prayer. If the schema-monk no capabilities to lead an ascetic life in a cave or the wilderness, he settled as a hermit in a cenobitic monastery.

Today the shutter stopped was mandatory for the ascetics who observe the rules of asceticism, in asceticism – they voluntarily took the great schema, you finally devoted yourself to the Lord and your service to him.