When placing the lilies in the garden should take into account the biological characteristics of different species and groups. In conditions of moderate and severely moderate continental climate the most unpretentious are Asiatic hybrids and LA hybrids. They have the widest selection of varieties in color and height. Trumpet and Oriental lilies require a great deal of attention. You should also consider the timing of flowering, to have flowering plants for a long time.

Lily is better to plant groups by sight, not less 3-5-7 lilies are the same. Alone they won't look spectacular. Apart the bulbs are placed at a distance of 25-30-40cm, depending on the variety.

Lilies look good next to the perennials - Phlox, delphinium, peonies, baby's breath, gladiolus, anemones.

In nature lilies grow among the herbs and shrubs. Therefore, in the garden, they grow and will form a colorful kartinku among barbarisov, juniper, Jasmine, arborvitae. Place the Lily bulb is necessary at a distance of 80-90cm from the bushes.

High varieties are planted in the background, fences, buildings, arbors, or in the center of the bed. Lily is good as solitary plants, especially if planted on the lawn.

Medium lilies will complement and contribute their beauty to any flower garden and can be planted along the tracks in the background. Low-growing varieties will complement and enliven the rocky hill, suitable for mixborders, to curb, for container growing.

Consider the harmony of color coding of these plants bloom at the same time. So, geleobraznye varieties of lilies good next to a dark cherry. Bright red with apricot, yellow, white lilies.

Lily - the decoration of any flower garden. Even after flowering, they look decently due to its narrow glossy leaves.

Varieties with strong flavor in a small garden it is better to limit.

Lilies should not be planted close to trees due to heavy shading and dry soil near the trunk.