How often to repot lilies

Lily to feel well and bloomed profusely every year, you need to replant them every 3-4 years. This rule does not apply to all grades. To clarify the requirements of specific varieties, it is necessary to study its characteristics. Autumn is preferable to transplant lilies, after they entered into a state of peace. However, in some situations a valid and spring planting bulbs. In this case, the grower risks losing flowering lilies this year, but at the same time decreases the risk of freezing, the fresh plantings in the winter. Over the summer the bulbs are well rooted and will enter the winter strong.

Generally, spring planting lilies produced from bulbs purchased in flower shops. If planting material is necessary to preserve the fall, you should treat this process responsibly. The best place to store onions – the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in a perforated plastic bag, interspersed with wet sawdust.

Spring planting should be done in a prepared and filled with the autumn sun warmed the soil. This time is at the end of April-beginning of may, depending on the region. More whimsical when transplanting delicate lilies Oriental Hybrids, Asiatic Hybrids that can be transplanted at any time because they do not suffer from direct. It is possible to transplant them before and after flowering, provided the basic rules of planting.

How to transplant lilies

Lilies prefer light sandy soil, so you need to fill the bed of river sand, forest turf ground with the addition of fallen pine needles or peat. There are a few rules to transplant the bulbs of lilies, which allow to minimize risks, to avoid their death and development of diseases. For this, we recommend the following sequence of actions:

- need to trim the stem close to the soil surface;
- carefully dig up the bulb;
- to remove all dried and dead skin flakes;
- if the bulb is too large, you can divide it by cutting with a knife (it is important to disinfect the knife, and after cutting to withstand the bulbs in a strong solution of potassium permanganate for 20-30 MNU);
- depth of planting will depend on the size of the bulbs: large bulbs should be planted at 20 cm, 10-15 cm, measured from the bottoms of the bulbs.

After the appearance of the sprouts should start to feed the transplanted lilies once a month, using the mineral phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. From fungal diseases need twice a season to handle landing with a solution of copper sulphate or Bordeaux mixture. Planted in warm soil in spring the bulbs are sometimes overtaken in the development of their counterparts planted in the fall.