If a grower notices that a previously well blooming lilies begin to grow shallow, it is the first sign that plants need to sit down. Usually 3-6 years after planting (depending on species lilies) bulbs are overgrown children, Deplete the soil around them and, as a consequence, give more small flowers or even cease to lay the flower buds.

The best period is considered to be August (at least, the beginning of September), when the bulb increases in size, the scales become fleshy and it is ready for transplant. Besides, before the onset of the autumn frosts there is quite a lot of time to the plant is well rooted and adapted in a new place.

If necessary, the Lily can be transplanted at the time of flowering without any damage to them. However, you must keep in mind that this method needs to be selected only in exceptional cases.

Similarly, don't overuse the spring transfers and division of the nest. Before the bulbs start to grow, and by digging you can easily break the fragile shoots with flower buds. In this case, the damaged flowering lilies in summer, do not wait. If you still need to divide the plant, it is desirable to dig a nest early in April.

Pitchfork is carefully removed overgrown bulbs with the children. Thus it is necessary to consider the fact that they samosogrevaetsya and sometimes are at a depth of 30-40 cm Large specimens set aside for a landing on the flowerbed, and small - for rearing in "school" (seedling bed). It is important to disinfect lilies. For this purpose, solutions of drugs Maxim (Topaz, Vitaros) or dark pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Луковицы лилии с детками

In a new place it is important to prepare the planting hole. On a bed where lilies will be planted, contribute organic (preferably Mature compost or very well rotted humus in the amount of 10 kg per sq. m), complex fertilizer (150 g per sq. m.), ash (200 g per sq. m.). If the soil is clay, making the sand (10 kg per sq. m.) and lime (dolomite powder). All the ingredients are mixed.

When planting the separated bulbs dig the hole depth of 3-4 height of the bulb. This is usually 20-25 cm the bottom is filled with sand mound on the pillow, put the onion, gently spread the roots, cover it with sand, and the top - prepared fertile soil. The sand will protect the bottom and flakes from rotting. After planting the flowerbed watered abundantly.

Схема высадки лилий

It is especially necessary to allocate the Lily white (Candidum). It is planted no deeper than 3-4 cm from the surface, as this plant does not form roots stem nadrukowanym. In the fall it grows a rosette of leaves and have to be covered with a layer of fallen leaves.

Посадка лилии Кандидум

Small bulbs - kids finely planted in a special place where they were grown for 2-3 years until they can form a flower arrow. The landing lilies watered in the dry season and the fall planting mulch for the winter peat.

Often in the autumn sale there bulbs lilies with long shoots.Can they be planted in September-October? It is best to abandon the purchase of such untimely planting material, because a high percentage of plant death or flowering delay of 1-2 years. However, if you need to purchase this grade offered in the fall, perhaps you can decide to purchase. For this escape carefully twisting out the bulbs (both of the bulbs) and planted in the ground, as usual, pre-protravel.

Проросшие луковицы

You can save the plant material until the spring in the vegetable section of the fridge by wrapping it in sphagnum moss.