Each variety is grown lilies in the garden looks special well whether Royal white varieties or colored hybrids. But the key to good growth and abundant flowering will be the proper care of plants at different stages.

A place for planting lilies it is better to choose a sun with good drainage system, any stagnant water will lead to rotting of the root system.

Care of Lily bulbs

To landing bought a Lily bulb should be stored in the refrigerator in a plastic bag with a small amount of dry peat.

If the bulbs were left or planted in the autumn in open ground, then it is necessary in the location shoot of colors paraglide gently the earth, to feed fertilizers and to water with warm water if the soil is dry.

Care of lilies during flowering

During the flowering lilies, the earth around it continuously loosen, remove weeds, water, feed and processing from pests.

Fertilizer can be used superphosphate 40 g * 1 sq. m, phosphorite flour 60 g *1 sq. m or potassium salt 25 g *1 sqm

Watering is done only at the root of the plant so water does not get on the stems.

Care of lilies after flowering

After the lilies bloomed, you need to leave them alone for a couple of weeks. After that, they should be transplanted, dividing and storing.

Transplant and divide plants need at the end of September and only in the case if the bed is heavily overgrown.

Cover lilies when the earth will freeze 3-5 cm, a special covering material.