Select the shades, colors and size select the form of flower beds

First, you need to consider what you would like to see his flowerbed. Romance can make it not round and in the shape of a heart, flower or the first letter of the name of a loved one.

If the family has children, the columbarium can be shaped butterfly toys. Practical people prefer the conventional round, oval.

The shape selected, now you need to decide on a color. If you wish to oasis was pristine clean, place in a flourishing area of roses and lilies white. You can put in the middle yellow, and the edges are red varieties. This two colors also blend perfectly.

Another important issue to decide before you plant roses and lilies together – the size of the plants. In the middle of the court need to place higher representatives, as on the edges of the flowers down.

A good solution will be landing in the heart of the high varieties of lilies, and the edges – rose floribunda, miniature or groundcover. The latter will creep along the ground and eventually closes the space between the clumps of lilies. It is to consist of greenery and flowers roses.

You can do the opposite – to put in the center of the Park and chinogerni roses, and the edges – low varieties of lilies. Here are just climbing rose on the flowerbed to plant is not necessary. With good care it grows to a height of several meters and requires strong support.

If you put on a bed standard single rose and surround it with lilies, a tree and flowers will work together to look impressive.

Planting technology

After all the previous issues are resolved, it is time to proceed to the practical part. With a shovel to outline the plot of the desired shape that will flowerbed. Now the ground you need to dig, carefully choose all the roots.

This needs to be done, both plants – the perennials and the next major digging will be only a few years. Both of these flower afraid of dampness. So they don't wybrali in winter thaws and during spring floods, the land is formed in the form of a ridge with a height of 30 cm.

Roses and lilies love to grow in fertile soil, so don't forget to make a rotted manure and a little complete fertilizer for flowers. After that the soil level with a rake.

These fascinating creatures of nature need to be planted at a sufficient distance from each other, as they grow big. The plants should not shade each other, they need adequate supply area. Depending on the variety, the distance should be from 50x50 to 30x30 cm

After the plants were planted for them to properly care for: watering with warm water, feed, weed and cover for the winter. Then they will thank for taking care of a lush and long flowering.