The first garden begins to bloom Lily candidum, the white and fragrant. After the dance the most unpretentious give birth to "Asians" or Asian hybrids. Then there is the perfume "gunfire" tubular and Eastern beauties. To the prom beauties took place, in spring it is necessary to show attention and care to each plant.

As soon as Lily emerged from the ground, they should be fed with nitrogen fertilizers. They will help plants quickly get in shape and score sheet a lot. For dressing suitable urea or ammonium nitrate, 30-35 g per 1 sq. m.

Following the feeding you need to give the lilies before flowering, when it begins to form buds. The composition of this feeding must include potassium and phosphorus. Suitable complex or nitrophoska Kemira, rastvorin.

Fertilizer 25-30 g should be dissolved in 10 l of water. If the ground is dry - it is better to shed normal water, then make dressing. If you have ash - sprinkle around the plants. The color of the lilies will be even brighter and more expressive.

You can spend a foliar fertilizer on the leaves fertilizer with microelements (magnesium, iron, boron, manganese ). For this suitable soluble fertilizer in the water.

There are some features in caring for certain types of lilies.

Tubular Lily love lime. After all, their ancestors once lived on the mountain slopes, on limestone. Include them in the feeding of calcium nitrate, pour dolomite or hydrated lime.

Oriental lilies, on the contrary, grow wild only on acidic soil. For them, the best fertilizer pine needles from under old fir trees.

Asiatic hybrids lilies with the most flexible character. They are the most unpretentious. Will grow where they are planted and will settle for minimal care.

All lilies can not tolerate fresh manure and starting to get sick of different fungal diseases. In the damp cool summer lilies from waterlogging can also hurt. For the prevention of all lilies can be treated with a fungicide, for example, "Hom", "Bordeaux mixture".

Need watering only at the root. Can't the plants be watered on the leaves. The only exceptions are Oriental lilies. But they can be watered from a watering can and water only defend and heated, for example, from the barrel.