You will need
  • - storage capacity of the follicles;
  • - dry peat or river sand;
  • - peat pots;
  • - cold room or refrigerator.
It is believed that the bulbs of lilies no need to dig for the winter, they are well adapted to wintering in the open ground. While hardy species lilies don't need any insulation, and, least hardy, and the bulbs planted in the ground later, you will need insulation. The best insulation, according to experts of foliage or manure and humus layer of 10-15 cm on Top of the area planted with lilies, can be filled with leaves.
There are varieties of lilies that are required to be digging from the soil. So East of Orleans and hybrids are not adapted to wintering in the conditions of Central Russia. Also the bulbs varieties candidum and Royal if they are planted in an unprotected location (in open spaces) can not withstand severe frosts and die. Dig them up and keep the house. Also dig the bulbs of lilies intended for winter forcing.
Dug (or bought in the fall) bulbs a little air to make it possible to shake off their land without damaging the bulb itself. Thorough drying is not necessary to them, moreover, can harm, after landing, you need to keep them juicy flakes skinless and naked roots. Roots in no case do not break off.
Prepare a container intended for storage of the bulbs (this can be carton box, wooden box, pack of parchment or heavy paper), pour first a layer of peat or dry river sand, place the first row of bulbs lilies. Sprinkle them with a layer of peat or sand, place the next row of bulbs etc.
Put the container in the refrigerator. Several times over the winter, check the bulbs. If you noticed that the scales and spines began to dry out, sprinkle them with water.
If your house is equipped with non-freezing cold basement, you can dig Lily from the soil, plant them in peat pots and some time to keep in the house, and after the stems die to determine the pots of bulbs in the basement. For better safety, you can put each pot into a paper bag. For 2 weeks before planting, remove the peat pots from the basement and start watering. Barely out of the ground hatch sprout, plant the bulb directly in a pot in the open ground.
If you bought in the spring much dried up or heavily sprouted bulbs of lilies, create favorable conditions for their storage (albeit short) before planting in open ground. In order to avoid loss put them in a dark plastic 1.5-to 2-liter bottles, which have pre-cut the top part (to get the deep cups). At the bottom of should be done drainage holes. As the substrate buy soil for seedlings. Before planting, the bulbs are good to soak for 2-3 hours in a weak solution of manganese, and then for 1 hour in an aqueous solution of growth stimulator (e.g., "Alpin"). Carefully pour the substrate, place the cups in a cool place - then shoots the bulbs until their landing in the open ground will not stretch, and will be strong and enduring.