Create a training plan. Determine the range of issues that you need to solve during exam preparation. The first thing you should pay attention to this in your knowledge gaps. If you do not know or do not know the material on a certain topic, start with this. Take the first half hour of your training.
Disassemble examinformation questions. This is the second part of your lesson plan. Buy special literature containing the tickets. Remember that questions may not coincide with those that will be on the exam. But they will be similar. Will only change the names of task items. So try not just to solve the ticket, and to grasp its essence. So you will acquire knowledge and not just put a tick on the decision of the ticket.
Work with map. The most severe in the study - physical map. You will need to know the various geographic features and their location. Try to learn the location of the Association. To do this, visualize the image of the object on the map. Then practice your knowledge on the contour map. Expand your knowledge. Some tickets may be asked to indicate the name of the seas according to their historical or biological characteristics. For example, the Sargasso sea is completely covered with algae.
Watch historical movies and read adventure books. This will make every student or learner. But you can still prepare for the exam with the use. Particularly useful books. They are described in detail the nature and location of objects that are visited by the heroes. Plunging into the world of the book and visually presenting, you will get a lot more results than reading a textbook with boredom.