To disable shortcodes Beeline, use the special service "Stop content" or "Black-and-white lists" that limits the receipt of unwanted messages from suspicious numbers. It is still possible to use the services of mobile Commerce, social networking services, operator services on short numbers and to receive messages about its services and promotions. To subscribe to the service through a call to the number 0858. To disable specific shortcodes, go to the page operator to see a list of all available subscriptions and select the ones that are not needed.
If you need to disconnect short numbers, MTS, this will help free service "the Prohibition of content." To enable it, call the number 0890 follow the operator's instructions. You can also find a list of all existing subscriptions and to unsubscribe from them by dialing *152*2#. Another way to manage subscriptions is a service "My subscriptions" available in the personal account on the official website of the operator.
Disable shortcodes Megaphone you can type 0500914 and sending a blank message to the same number. Also try to dial *526# or use the personal office on the website of the operator.
Please contact one of the cellular shops in your city if you have any problems, and you cannot disable SMS from short numbers. Experts will help you set the right tariff settings and block access to undesirable content.
Try to avoid suspicious websites that offer to register by sending a text to a short number. If you become a victim of fraud and found that your account is illegally charged, inform the specialists of the nearest salon of communication. You will be given an application form for the return of illegally written off money. Fill it out and give the employees of the center. During the week, if your complaint is deemed valid, the money will be returned to the account.