You will need
  • - the statement;
  • Protocol;
  • - passport;
  • receipt;
  • - the decision made earlier by the court or the administrative Commission;
  • - the documents confirming absence of your guilt or necessitous circumstances.
If the court or administrative fee on payment of an administrative fine has already been made, but you do not feel guilty, appeal against the decision within 10 calendar days.
Gather all the data you need witnesses and documentary evidence in this case. You will need to file a petition for review, to present your passport and a photocopy, to attach the report, a receipt for a fine.
For assistance, contact the law firm or the lawyer that you built the application with all references to legislative acts, confirming the absence of your guilt or pointing to the legitimacy of the actions, the circumstances which caused you to violate the administrative order internally.
Not being able to pay for the services of a lawyer or attorney, you are required to provide assistance free of charge when applying to the court for retrial (article No. 46, No. 48 of the Constitution). However, such a right can only count individuals. Legal obligation to pay services of the lawyer or a lawyer who will protect their interests in court.
During the investigation and review of the case on administrative offence you have the right not to pay the fine imposed by the administrative Commission, court or other bodies that have the authority to make the report and to prescribe a penalty without consideration of the case, for example, bodies of the state inspection of road safety.
On the basis of the judgment of the court, after considering all the new circumstances in the case of an administrative offense, you may be exempt from the payment of the administrative fine imposed on you earlier. If you are found not guilty of committing an administrative offense committed or it was forced by circumstances, which cannot be avoided, the state duty paid when filing an appeal, you are refunded.