You will need
  • - special coupons for payment;
  • - certificate of disability;
  • - passport;
  • - a statement.
Get coupons to pay for social taxi of the representative of the organization "all-Russian society of disabled people". It operates in every region of the Russian Federation. Specify the phone number that you can call a taxi.
Social to order a taxi, call you this number. When ordering, please provide your details and planned itinerary. Destination must be a socially significant object (the bodies of social protection, train stations, medical facilities, etc.). The car will come to meet you at the address of residence.
Recently it has become possible to order the social taxi is not the registration address, and the address of actual residence (for example, if people with disabilities living in children). To carry out this operation write a special statement. It specify: f.and.about., passport data, the number of the document granting the right to privileges. Enter the address of registration and actual residence - for its inclusion in the database of the social taxi. Take this application to the Department of social protection at registration or actual residence.
When boarding a taxi , show the driver the passport and the document confirming the right to travel. Remember that you are entitled to one accompanying person, and, if necessary, you should provide the phone number to contact the Manager of the taxi. Upon arrival at the venue, pay to the driver of the issued stamps, on the basis of actually spent on the trip time.
If you need to abandon already booked a taxi, to re-call the dispatcher. If cancellation has already been filed in the car, tell the driver of the written statement specified in the reason and will refund the stamps the time of submission and return taxi.