Age spots or chloasma commonly occur between the fourth and sixth months of pregnancy. The most severely affected pigmentation face: spots are on my forehead and temples and around the mouth. This feature of the location of the spots was the appearance of a special term called the "mask of pregnancy". To a greater extent pigmentation pronounced in brunettes, although blondes are often exposed to the occurrence of chloasma. The reason for the appearance of hyperpigmentation skin in most cases is exposed to ultraviolet light. Moms spend too much time in the sun without protecting your face from direct rays, thereby provoking the appearance of chloasma. The second most likely cause is changes in hormonal background of female organism. Often both of these factors are interrelated.

Before self-treatment of spots, visit your doctor to rule out any diseases of the genital organs, dysfunction of the liver and adrenal glands, as well as inadequate intake of folic acid.

Ways of getting rid of pigment spots

Reduce the brightness of the spots possible in the home, using a whitening mask. First on the list of most effective means are the famous lemon, parsley broth, milk and milk products, as well as cucumber juice. These ingredients individually or as part of integrated tools able to provide a beneficial effect on the skin and lead to the desired result. You can also use cosmetic bleaching agents especially designed to tackle this problem. However, it is worth remembering that the use of cosmetics should start only after the completion of breastfeeding.

For those young mothers who want to get quick results, we can recommend exfoliation with fruit acids, phototherapy and cryotherapy. These procedures are highly effective and give fast results.

Prevention of the formation of dark spots

To prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation you can, observing certain rules. It is not recommended to spend much time in the sun, especially under its direct influence. To prevent this, wear wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and opt for walks in the evening. The greatest solar activity falls on the period of time from eleven in the morning until four o'clock in the afternoon. Before sun exposure, apply to the skin lightweight moisturizing sunscreen. Despite the dangerous impact of sunlight on the body of the pregnant woman to refuse from sunbathing is not necessary. The sun is necessary for production of vital vitamin D, and just for a good mood.

It is important to minimize the use of cosmetics during pregnancy, but if you still can't do without cosmetics, take into account certain conditions. To care for the skin do not use products that have too traumatic action: scrubs, peels, and tools with a too pungent odor. Be sure to check new purchases for the possible development of allergies.