To eliminate the problem of used hardware procedures, recipes of traditional medicine, as well as special cosmetic products, such as serums and creams against age spots. The main effect of the whitening cream for getting rid of age spots aimed at the destruction of excess melanin in the skin and normalize its production in mellitah. The most effective means to lighten the skin are drugs, which are gluconic acid, the enzyme will melanosis, glabridin, beta-carotene, arbutin and hydroquinone. These substances help block the production of melanin.
Modern pharmaceutical industry offers diverse products for getting rid of age spots. One of the most common and creams are available remedies based on natural ingredients. As a rule, the main part of the products contains in its composition lemon or cucumber juice. Natural cosmetics has a number of advantages, however the effectiveness of such measures is rather low. This is because active substances of natural origin affect only the upper layers of the skin.
A good tool for getting rid of skin discolorations can be a cream or ointment, having in its composition retinoids are structural analogues of vitamin A (retinol). Retinoids stimulate intense cellular renewal.
Among the popular tools from hyperpigmentation creams include azelaic acid, a substance which has excellent bleaching and disinfecting properties. The anti-inflammatory effect of creams azelaic acid is particularly effective for the treatment of pigment spots resulting from acne.
But perhaps the most effective means to lighten pigment spots today are products containing tretinoin, a substance that blocks the synthesis of melanin. Generally, a significant progress in the fight against hyperpigmentation of the skin is noticeable within a few weeks of use the cream based tretinoin.
Before you opt for a particular whitening cream, visit a dermatologist. Specialist will help to determine Your skin type, as well as the likelihood of Allergy to components of the selected remedies. It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of creams for removing age spots depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and the severity of pigmentation.