You will need
  • - lemon juice
  • - castor oil
  • - cucumber pulp
  • - cheese, kefir, sour milk
  • - berry juice
  • - sauerkraut juice
  • - Baker's yeast
  • - tomatoes
Wipe your face with lemon juice.Squeeze the juice of lemon, dilute it in filtered water in the ratio 1:10. Wipe face with a cotton pad soaked in lemon solution. Repeat the procedure daily until the discoloration of age spots.
RUB castor oil.Every night RUB a small amount of castor oil in place of pigmentation.
Make cucumber masks.Grate the pulp of a cucumber, apply as a mask on cleansed face for spotsin their Teens or twenty minutes. Repeat weekly. Cucumber is excellent nourishes, whitens and nourishes the skin with moisture.
Use dairy products.To remove the pigment spots in the home conditions will help dairy products – cheese, yogurt, sour milk. The mask of curd, apply to dry skin: a little curd be mixed with a few drops of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Skin prone to irritations, it is useful to wipe the sour milk or yogurt, diluted with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.
Oil pigment stains of berry juice.Contained in some berries substances possess good bleaching effect. Crush a few berries cranberry or black currant oil juice of pigmented spots and leave for some time. Treat stains in the morning and evening to achieve the effect.
Make a poultice from the juice of sauerkraut.Moisten a piece of gauze in the juice of sauerkraut, squeeze lightly and apply on face. Hold the compress for twenty minutes, wash with cool mineral water.
Use Baker's yeast.Mask of yeast diluted baking with sour cream or cottage cheese, lemon juice helps whiten freckles and age spots.
Use the tomato mask.Dry skin responds well to tomato mask should be applied after steamed compresses of infusion of chamomile or dandelion.