During pregnancy in women on the skin sometimes there are spots. They do not affect the health of mother and child, but is undesirable from an aesthetic point of view.


A key role in the appearance of age spots melanin plays. This pigment accumulates on the surface of the skin and serves as a "filter" that protects the epidermis from harmful UV rays. The melanin is produced are different for every person - much depends on the peculiarities of metabolism, endocrine system, etc. If in the production of melanin fails, it can accumulate in certain areas of the skin. So there are spots.

Causes of pigmentation

Causes of pigmentation in pregnant women - a lot. It could be the disruption of the internal organs, and genetic predisposition, and changes in hormonal balance. In addition, the appearance of age spots can be a result of vitamin deficiency. This is especially true of folic acid.

In the spring and summer of solar activity increases, that too can cause intense pigmentation. The probability of occurrence of pigment spots increases if the woman has dark skin and suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to prevent the occurrence of spots?

To prevent the appearance of pigment spots is possible, if during the period of pregnancy to take a full range of vitamins and avoid a long stay under the sun. It is desirable to reduce the impact of UV on the skin and use sunscreen.

Regular exfoliation of the skin also helps to prevent the appearance of spots - after all, in the surface layer of the skin accumulates the most melanin.

To reduce the appearance of age spots using bleaching creams. They contain special substances that can slow the production of melanin, so that spots are lightened.

Some natural substances may increase skin sensitivity to UV rays. They are called "photosensitizers". Such substances are contained, for example, in citrus fruits. Orange juice, once on the skin, can cause increased pigmentation under UV exposure.

How to get rid of pigmentation?

To get rid of age spots is possible with the help of Elos treatments or fractional laser. The laser is used to remove the most persistent stains, in most cases, using the Elos treatments. They are based on the effects of electricity and light on the melanocytes - the cells responsible for melatonin production. Usually one Elos-procedure is enough to get rid of 20% of melanocytes, and a few sessions Elos help to get rid of age spots.