Where are they?

In order to get rid of age spots, you first need to understand their causes. Usually the formation of age spots is a result of the injury or any pathology. The primary pigmentation is freckles, secondary – spot acne.

Creams against age spots

A part of perhaps the most accessible means for getting rid of the scourge. Consider some brands of creams doesn't make sense, as they do not count. First of all, you need to understand the composition we choose beauty products.

The most important active substance that is present in any part of, is called hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a toxic substance. Funds with a large it content inhibit melanogenesis, but due to the use of such a cosmetic substance on the skin can be dermatitis or an allergic reaction. However, some people even formed hyperpigmentation reducing skin areas. Therefore, this cream should be used to actively monitor the process of therapy.

You can use products that contain plant extracts. They will help to get rid of age spots. This method is more secure. In this case, choose beauty products that contain arbutin. It is considered a safe derivative of hydroquinone. Also threatens to impact the use of part of the content of licorice and parsley.

The question remains – will the creams to get rid of age spots? Of course, the possibility of getting rid of spots there, but there is also the risk of getting side effects in the form of depigmentation and allergies. However, to get rid of spots partially you can.

Folk remedies

A more effective method of getting rid of age spots is folk remedies. They have a lot of advantages to using modern cosmetics. Folk remedies for removing age spots can be applied at home. In addition, the effect of them is sometimes much more visible than the brand advertised cream.

Through the use of natural products, the risk of side effects is significantly reduced. But there are drawbacks to the popular recipes in the fight against pigment spots. For example, often folk remedies only help to lighten pigmentation and make it less noticeable, but not removed it completely.

Recipe from stains

Effective folk remedy for removing age spots – mask from starch and lemon juice. For its preparation you will need one tablespoon of potato starch and lemon juice. Starch is diluted in lemon juice until a thick mixture. The ointment is to be applied on the pigmented skin areas and leave on for 20-25 minutes, then rinse.