When choosing dresses or a sundress with a striped pattern, you should consider the features of the figure. Correctly chosen clothing can help you emphasize the flowing lines of the figures, emphases in the right places.

Summer striped dress with open shoulders and horizontal stripes looks very advantageous. This kind of dress is very important in summer season 2014. This outfit would be an amazing godsend for a girl of average height! You will be visually higher.

Girls who love sports, you should choose a striped dress that emphasizes the waist. Please note on models with a fluffy skirt and fabric belt at the waist.

Accessories to choose a striped dress extremely carefully. If you dress in a classic white and black stripes, you should pay attention to the red, white, or beige accessories. Can choose anything: jewelry, scarf, handbag, hat, neckerchief or anything else according to your taste. There is already the choice of accessories depends on your taste preferences.

Dress striped loose fitting option for tall and slender women. They will help you to visually add amount and missing forms in the right places.

Models-printed dresses with multi-directional stripes visually narrows the shoulders and hips, and Vice versa. It should be noted that this technique will help quite harmoniously balance the proportional part of the body, if required.