Consider the wrong side
The hem of the dress. The edges of the skirt should be smooth and carefully crafted, however, as all the seams. Osypanie threads and random threads are not allowed.
Natural lining
Pay special attention to the quality of the fabric that will directly touch the skin. Natural fabrics in priority, especially if the celebration is scheduled for the warm season.
Corset bone
Increasingly, instead of metal plates using plastic region: it is more comfortable, also underlines the figure of the bride and protects the corset from the appearance of creases. Be sure to look like are attached to the bones and test for flexibility.
Look at the details
To check the quality of the fabric - feel dress, your skin will unmistakably tell you how this stuff fits you. The slightest discomfort - give up the dress.
Beads and rhinestones
These decorative elements for high-quality wedding dresses sewn so that if you want, you will not see the thread. The option of adhesive is eliminated.
The most common two options are the lace dresses: from whole cloth, or fragments of lace sewn onto tulle. Both options are good, but if the cost of the product a lot, you and delicate material should be solid.
Be sure to take the dress in hand, to see how much it weighs: you do in this outfit all day and it will be easier, so you will be easier to move.