The good old classics

Choosing shoes and accessories to things polka dot, you should pay attention to solid supplements because colorful accents requires specific knowledge and professionalism. If we are talking about a classic polka dot dress, it is best to pick him solid accessories to match, as something with a bright pattern should be one. If you know how to skillfully mix several prints in one look, you can experiment.

A dress in black-eyed peas are perfect accessories white or red. If you choose to it beads, then the beads should not be larger than the pattern on the clothes.
You should limit the amount of jewelry – necklace with earrings or bracelet with ring will be enough.

Enough winner looks polka dot dress in new look style with a fluffy skirt, together with simple jacket. By the way, the jacket will perfectly complement and a long straight gown or a classic just above the knees. The last option is quite acceptable for the office. Handbag similar in style to suit a tablet or clutch in a vibrant hue, and the shoes – classic pumps or ballet flats. With the dress in the style of 50-ies of nice shoes Mary Jane high heels, and dresses in the style of 80-ies it is better to choose shoes with a rounded nose.

A variety of models and stylistic solutions

The tunic dress black polka dots should be worn with bright tights and shoes are black. Summer short sleeveless dress in large polka dots it is recommended to wear wedges. But shoes with pointed toe will be a wonderful addition models with a V-neck.

If we are talking about a fitted polka dot dress, you can pick up to it a thin strap, harmoniously combined with the pattern of the outfit. It doesn't have to be white, black or red. Try to play on the contrast. For example, white dresses in blue peas, you can choose contrasting yellow belt and pumps of the same color.
In addition, we should not forget about gloves. They can be as long to the elbow, and short of sheer fabric.

Also the polka dot lightweight, easy-paced scarf. Not necessarily that it was made from the same fabric. Here are few options: either it is completely similar to the pattern but made in a different color or colors are the same, but the size of peas or larger, on the contrary, smaller than the dress. Add to glasses in a wide frame and my hair up in the style of Audrey Hepburn from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - and the retro look is ready.