Striped t-shirt can create you the image of sailors, convict, clown, or elegant ladies. The question is – what image a try on you. Most likely, the first or the last. The latter is even preferable. And for this we need to know a few simple rules.

Although in recent years creative designers try to defy all the laws of genre and offer an unexpected and very bold versions of the ensembles with stripes. But, to opt for the classics or indulge in bold experiments – this is a matter of taste and temperament.

The common opinion that transverse strip of fat, leads to the fact that many women refuse from such clothing. But it is not necessary so literally to treat this. Striped t-shirts are almost all. Of course, the more advantageous they look on skinny girls (like any clothing) and women with type figure "pear". But the rest of the fairer sex do not deny yourself the pleasure to show off the striped t-shirt. The main thing is to find the right set of clothes.

Striped t-shirt and pants

Pants is best to choose the color of one of the bands t-shirts and definitely solid. If t-shirt classic – in black-and-white stripes, the pants can be any color (green, blue, kornevye). Wearing a t-shirt close-fitting pants, you can choose straight from the hips. If the top is voluminous, then wear tight pants.

As the fashion style is in the details. Therefore, to this slightly austere along pick up eye-catching accessories. For example, a scarf with an intricate print, plaid, or simply vivid colors, rich tones of the bag.

Jeans are always a safe bet. Combined with a striped t-shirt, t-shirts or ballet flats, you'll create a classic sports style in clothes.

Worn over a vest and black slim trousers French acid shade in combination with the pins will make you classy and very seductive girl.

Want to add creativity and spontaneity – wear with a striped tee, skinny jeans, cropped jacket with fun print and take up the gym bag. Beret or crocheted cap to complete the look with cute student.

Short tight shorts and oversized t-shirt in wide stripe creates a playful beach look that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Striped t-shirt and skirt

Striped t-shirt will work with almost any monochromatic skirt. Silhouette can be very different – narrow mini, the year, lush, Maxi, a-line skirt-tutu. Here much will depend on the style of the shirt. Volumetric top – skinny bottom and Vice versa. As an option – all that tight. Narrow t-shirt on the figure and the pencil skirt.

Today, designers offer a rather bold combinations of strict t-shirt in black and white stripes and a bright skirt with blurred colorful pattern. Black and white the bell skirt with a print of the leopard and black-and-red striped shirt. But it is more suitable for bold and creative girls. And the rest should remain within the framework of a simple and reliable classics.