Color affects visual perception of the shape and size of the subject. This law applies to clothing. Choosing the color of the dress, pushes away from the characteristics of their figures.
Bright, pastel and warm colors will inevitably make your forms visually fuller. If you are not slim and delicate physique, try not to choose bright dresses.
Dark, rich and cool colors make the figure slimmer, conceal small flaws. But at least the girl dark dress can often emphasize a little angular shapes.
Consider the combination of colors. Dress should not be monotonous.
Color can accentuate and highlight the advantages of your figure. For example, if you have beautiful Breasts, but you are a little overweight, pick the color of the dress so that the chest area was bright and had a V-neck, and the rest of the dress is dark.
Try to pick a dress so that its color is in harmony with the color of your hair, eyes and skin.
If you have dark eyes and pale face, choose dresses in light, warm tones. No less advantageous will look and saturated colors. For example, a thick yellow color, especially if it is combined with a dark finish. Try not to choose dresses of cool colors and dark colors if you don't want to stress her pallor.
If you have dark skin and eyes of green or brown color, then you'll fit right in dresses pure black color with a possible trim of yellow or purple color.
If you have fair skin and blue/green eyes, you should stick with fresh, soft colors when choosing a dress.
If you have dark skin, you can choose any of the green and blue tones. Avoid chocolate shades, they may be unprofitable to emphasize the tan skin.
If you always face a healthy glow, and his eyes are green, grey or blue colors, then you have probably the widest choice of colors. Nature has endowed you with a wonderful appearance, so you can choose the color of the dress just depending on their preferences. You equally will look good and bright and dark and saturated bright colors.
If you have red hair, then you should choose dresses of any color, except those which may be unprofitable to set off your hairstyle. So, try not to buy dresses too bright colors, brown and reddish shades.
Remember that, choosing dress, first of all you acquire a thing, which should please you. If you will feel comfortable in your dress, and look in it you will be fine!