Black and white stripes: when classic in trend

Black and white stripe is legally considered a classic combination. Strict colors print varies on the thickness and purpose. Thin stripes decorated with mostly business suits and dresses, and a wide used for things in casual style.

Under the jacket in black and white stripes is perfect simple top, the color repeating one of the colors of the print. If you choose the bright suit will turn invisible and concise. If you decide to wear a black top/shirt/shirt, the image is instantly transformed into a stylish, prominent and elegant. Emphasize it with a dark belt, a small bag and brogame.

Dresses in black and white stripes look austere and elegant regardless of style. An important detail are the accessories. For an evening out safely dilute the strict combination of the third classic color – red. For example, the perfect shoes, bag, brooch, lipstick scarlet hue.
Striped outfits is noticeable, however, in black and white too boring. To add to the image effect you will help patent leather shoes. Suitable for both classic boats and modest brogues/flats.

Bright banding: a bold choice stylish girls

Clothing colorful stripes perfectly uplifting and positive charges. This is especially true of things print which is decorated in red, orange, green, pink, blue colours. Stripe on a white background – great idea for a casual ensemble in dark for evening.

Shirt with colorful stripes blend perfectly with leggings, denim skirts and shorts. Tuck the shirt inside, tighten the belt, and on his feet wear platform sandals. This kit is ideal for the subjugation of the Institute or gatherings in cafes.
The strip may be quite different in tone. Remember the main thing: not to miss with a set, pick the other things tonal striped, or starting from the background, or from print.

Popular striped sweater-dress. They should wear no frilly accessories. To give the image of extravagance, you can use thick colored tights. Choose them in tone to the color that the sweater least.

Sweaters in horizontal stripes with elegance and ease. They often have a shallow V-neck. Under such a jumper you can wear, depending on the case, a classic shirt, a blouse or plain tee. This wonderful combination will look great with jeans boyfit.

Striped skirt combine with a plain top. Its color should match with the one on the bottom. This rule applies to striped shorts. However Amateur to attract attention can wear with striped hem top in floral or other geometric pattern. Try below two things coincide in primary colors.