White sundress with lace: what to wear?

If the dress are lace panels, frills or other decor of lace, the image is already rightfully can be called complete. So to combine this dress with other items of wardrobe should be careful not to overdo it. Here's how to complement attire:

  1. White lace sundress can be combined with Bolero jacket any color;
  2. White sundress looks nice summery and bright with a short tank top or denim jacket;
  3. For owners of a beautiful waist may be advisable to complement the white lace sundress with a thin strap or belt;
  4. A sundress is necessary to wear smooth underwear that don't attract attention. The lace under the lace will look went;
  5. The tote bag will look inappropriate with a sundress, buy small summer handbag made of leather or textiles with any print.

Shoes and accessories for white lace sundress

When buying shoes it is necessary to focus on the style of dress. Heel and stud always look advantageous, but not always in a Shoe comfortable to walk. Therefore, the sundress is allowed to wear ballet flats, clogs, sandals.

A little jewelry did not need to, just it is necessary to choose a white sundress. For example, here is a kit that will fit to this outfit: a thin watch, white chiffon scarf, chain on hand. Prefer from jewelry ethnic jewelry and natural stones and flashy jewelry, precious jewelry.