Condoms are made of thin latex, which is resistant to wear and tear. To prevent cracking of the product is coated in a special lubricant. But despite all the tricks, sometimes condoms break. How often does this happen and why?

It depends on several factors:

— in the presence of defects in the condom could break, but the marriage itself is very rare, less than 3% of cases;
— the use of unsuitable lubricants;
— at initially low quality products.

In all these cases, the risk of condom breakage is big enough, but even with these three reasons, condoms are torn rarely. Of the total number of products number 2 is less than 1%.

Common cause of rupture of condoms is the use of lubricants that are not provided. Since modern condoms are made of latex, for lubrication you can use only special products based on water or silicone. Vaseline and creams usually are destroying the latex and damage the top protective layer. This not only increases the risk of condom breakage, but also allows viruses and bacteria to penetrate through a condom.

Also the condom can tear if the expiration date has passed. The fact that at the time of expiry of the lubricant already on the condom dries up, and the product becomes very brittle. So if you buy an item No. 2 be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. Even if the condom doesn't break, to sense from it will not — it will not protect either from unwanted pregnancy or infections.

And to buy condoms need only in pharmacies and only known brands. The fact that the well-known world producers care about the quality of their products and conduct numerous checks on the density, tensile, wear resistance and sharp movements.

You need to remember that strong enough only condoms standard thickness. Ultra-thin condoms and condoms with a variety of tendrils, spines, ribs inferior to the normal strength.

And last, when buying condoms, choose products European or American brands. Asian, and especially Japanese condoms are much thinner, because the quality standards in these countries are quite different, besides, it is possible to miss with the size. But whatever test is not passed, the condom should not tempt fate and arrange a special test of strength.