The composition of the light seals

The main material of light seals is a composite. The reaction of polymerization takes place exclusively under the action of very powerful light source. This is explained by the included special light-sensitive substance, which when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, decomposes into radicals.

It is the most beneficial difference light seals from fast-hardening materials. This seal has a high resistance to abrasion, excellent durability and strength.
The price of installing light seals in averages between 900 to 3000 thousand rubles, which significantly differs from the cost of conventional fillings of composite chemical curing.

Due to its plasticity, light seal allows the master to restore the tooth with great care, without fear of her imminent solidification.

Compared to other seals, namely, chemical, light seal completely lacks toxicity, it is much easier and better polished, and has the ability to match the colors tone in tone, however, she is not colored with time.

Serves as a light seal at least three to five years. Service life may be shorter and may be longer depending on the person's relationship to their teeth and correct care.

Also life light seals depends on the degree of destruction of the patient's tooth before treatment, as well as the qualification of the expert who carried out the repair of the damaged tooth. Sometimes after the installation of the seal tooth may be a short time to get sick and whine that completely goes unnoticed.

How much time it completely freezes the light seal

Is this seal as on the side of the teeth that are directly involved in the process of chewing food, and on the front. The process of molding the seal the required forms occurs in the patient's mouth under the action of ultraviolet light.
With a UV lamp dentist has the opportunity with maximum precision to restore the original shape of the tooth, even in the case where it is almost completely destroyed.

Under the influence of UV radiation seal polymerizes and becomes ready for further processing – polishing, and then polishing and finally coated with a protective lacquer layer.

Light seals are completely harmless to the human body and allowed their installation to pregnant women without harm to the unborn child that before was impossible and had to pull out the diseased tooth.

To seal securely locks into place when the experts recommend to abandon the meal and hot drinks for one and a half to two hours. Also not to chew chewing gum.