White diet

After the procedure of teeth whitening you need to follow a special diet in order not to negate your new dazzling white smile.

In the first days after the procedure, you must avoid any foods that can stain teeth. This typically includes:
- tea, coffee, cocoa, cocktails and any of the variety, contents of tea and coffee;
- chocolate and other drinks with it;
- drinks and food with dyes – wine, ice cream and so on;
- fruit drinks, juices and red wine;
sauces with natural or no dyes – hot sauce, soy sauce, ketchup and so on;
- vegetables, which can paint a teeth – beets, carrots and others.

After the procedure, you should avoid such drinks and food for 2 days. And then to limit your intake for 2 weeks. If you used something from the list, then you should not to be afraid of. It is necessary to clean from teeth conventional toothpaste.

In addition, cigarette can also paint the teeth a yellow hue, leaving your RAID. You must give up Smoking, or to limit the number of cigarettes a day.

After the procedure, usually 2-3 days, the tooth sensitivity will be increased. It is not necessary in this case to consume dairy and acidic foods. Citrus, berries, sour apples, fruits and vegetables – all of which should be banned for 2-3 days.

This diet is also called "White" because it is desirable in the diet must be present products are light in color. After two weeks you can return to the normal "color" on the diet, but restricting it for some time.

Recommendations to maintain white

In addition to diet, you can use dental floss to clean between the teeth. It is necessary to extend the cleaning procedure for 3-5 minutes, to a maximum clear space between the teeth of plaque and pieces of food that can stain teeth.

Toothpaste you should use the one recommended by your dentist, but you can also consult with specialist whitening. He will always suggest the best option.

Rinse mouth should be naturally. And women should give up the lipsticks and lip glosses in the first 3 days.

With such strict adherence to all recommendations of the whitened teeth will retain their color for 2 years. A failure to comply with effect of disappear in a couple of weeks. Considering that the procedure is expensive, in the interest of the patient after the procedure to comply with all recommendations.